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  1. WinterGirl

    GFX My first video edit!

    I haven't been here in a while... But I am back and I brought something. It isn't really kpop theme... It's a music video which was edited/cutted by myself from a korean drama. You have to know that this is my very first video edit and I made it with mobile not with computer... And this was a...
  2. SophieInKR

    Intro Hi! I'd like to translate kpop lyrics in detail

    Hello everyone! I am Sophie, a big kpop fan who was born and raised in korea. As a native korean speaker, I found out that translation into english is very limited. There are so many beautiful original meanings and expressions lost in translation. Therefore I would like to show you word-by-word...
  3. A

    MV K-Pop MVs of December 2019

  4. A

    Teaser ITZY released a second MV teaser for "DALLA DALLA"

    Reminded me of a MAMAMOO song.
  5. A

    Teaser TST released a teaser for "Wake Up"

  6. A

    Teaser Taemin can, like, get it :sj_weary: