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  1. maruberry

    Discussion People shouldn't complain about views getting deleted on MVs

    I have quite often seen fandoms complain about youtube deleting views on their MVs but.... Isn't that just Youtube doing its job? Streamed views aren't SUPPOSED to count! Fandoms have just found a way to stream in a way the algorithm doesn't realize those are spam views. They are trying to...
  2. Mayday

    News BLACKPINK really out here breaking their own records

    BLACKPINK yet again come through breaking another YT record; this time as the fastest KPOP group to reach 300M views. Kill This Love definitely was a major hit worldwide, and BLACKPINK are getting the attention they deserve~ Kill This Love reached 300M views after just 32 days of release...
  3. Darth_Kuro

    Appreciation kps I be s l a y i n g

    :nekoshy: so popular omg :nekolove: @ThiccDicc @Jimimis @mysteric
  4. Darth_Kuro

    Appreciation look how pOpUlAr I am

    thanks @QueenGirlCrush dedicated for @Jimimis :llama_laugh: im so famous

    Discussion My critical review on BLINKS

    STREAM KILL THIS LOVE M/V BETTER SMH :kijoongstare::queen: The other fandom is about to beat us in a month or so :llama_laugh::joysip:

    News 'Kill This Love' M/V by BLACKPINK Hits 200M Views in Record Time

    It hit 200M views in record time with a total of 200M views in 11 days (18,181,818/day on average) surpassing 'DDU-DU DDU-DU' M/V's record of 34 days.
  7. maruberry

    Discussion PLease EXO-Ls let's reach this goal with EXO's next comeback!

    Let's do our best and get to 5 views in 24 hours! I know it is a tough goal to get to, but I am sure that if we work hard enough and don't rest, we will make it! 5 views! That is all I am asking!
  8. Darth_Kuro

    profile views

    so, I think this is a new feature of kps, the profile views. @Son Na Eun or really anyone who can answer: is it the amount of people currently viewing your profile, the individual count of the people on your profile, or how many views you have (whether it be from the same person eight times or...
  9. NeoSquare

    Appreciation TWICE continues to slay with their 10th MV hitting the 100 million mark

    Source TWICE's Yes or Yes has hit 100 million views, making it their 10th MV to do so. We love slay queens :pandalove::pandawatch: