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  1. Jewel

    Appreciation TOP 100's BEST K-POP LEADERS,-VOTE&text=YUNSEONG%20(DRIPPIN)-,RESULT,-VOTE @Atiny @Carat @Engene @Moa @NCTzen @P1ece @Stay @Treasure Maker @Angel @Roady
  2. Jewel

    Appreciation Top 100 K-Pop Maknaes voting

    Info copied and pasted from site ATTENTION! FOR YOUR VOTE TO BE VALID YOU MUST FOLLOW @TOP100KPOP ON TWITTER. Voting for the TOP 100 – K-POP MAKNAES is open! You can vote for up to 10 nominees at a time. You can vote as many times as you like. From the 27th of February they will start...
  3. tricky

    Boys Planet watchers here's an app...

    to vote for your faves! download mnet plus to be able to vote <3 The show is really coming and be sure to prepare your accounts (gmail only)
  4. Jewel

    Appreciation Top 100 K-Pop Leaders voting

    Info copied and pasted from site ATTENTION! FOR YOUR VOTE TO BE VALID YOU MUST FOLLOW @TOP100KPOP ON TWITTER. Starting January 26th, they will start eliminating the 5 nominees with the fewest votes every day! You can also vote using the hashtag: #TOP100KPOPLEADERS on TWITTER! Example...
  5. Jewel

    Information Current Ateez Voting Sources

    Translation: [ ] KBS Music Bank K-POP Fan Voting Information ⠀ ATEEZ 'HALAZIA' was nominated for Music Bank K-POP Fan Vote ATINY, please vote a lot ⠀ ~ Jan 11, 2023 11:00AM ⠀ #FROM_THE_WITNESS #HALAZIA #ATEEZ #에이티즈 Source: Translation: [ ] Mnet M Countdown...
  6. Jewel

    Appreciation [ 📢 ] SBS Inkigayo 1st place candidate real-time voting information!

    Translated to English ATEEZ was nominated for #1 on Inkigayo You can vote in real time up to 5 votes per person in the FREE VOTE app ATINY, please vote a lot ⠀ Vote via app Android Vote via site FREEVOTE #FROM_THE_WITNESS #HALAZIA #ATEEZ #에이티즈 @Atiny
  7. maruberry

    I don't care about awards

    I have come to this point in my kpop standom, where I do not care about awards at all. I do not care who is more successful I do not care who takes home what award. I don't vote or pay attention to who won what vote. All I want is for my faves to be successful. I don't care how that success...
  8. Mayday

    ~UNIQ Badge Thread~

    Welcome to the UNIQ badge thread! RULES: Badge size should be 77x77 No blurry or grainy photos; please use high quality and easy to see photos. Only official photos are allowed. Selcas are accepted if they are from an official account. Side profiles or covered faces are only allowed when the...