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wanna one

  1. Ozymandias

    MV WTF!!! Lee Daehwi (AB6IX)- Rose, Scent, Kiss.

    I ignore most of all new boy group or male soloist releases unless it's someone I'm already familiar with, so recently released solo by AB6IX member (and former Wanna One member) Lee Daehwi flew under my radar. Then this morning, I'd set my Spotify to random and this song pops up. I have no...
  2. Gogije

    Discussion Kim Jaehwans MBC Gayo performance cut short

    Well all 3 Gayos flopped :wimwim: "The singer was originally to perform two of his songs, “The Time I Need” and then “NUNA.” However, when “NUNA” started playing, Kim Jae Hwan and his dancers appeared confused and flustered, and they quickly reset to perform “NUNA.” Following the performance...
  3. Gogije

    Tourney Spring Breeze vs Suki To Iwasetai - R7 Produce Tournament

    Spring Breeze and Suki To Iwasetai and both tied for 5th place with 2 wins a piece, which song will still be 5th place after this match? Will it be Spring Breeze by beating Suki To Iwasetai or will Spring Breeze lose to Suki To Iwasetai and slip to 6th place? Other Round 7 Matches Dream Girls...
  4. Gogije

    Tourney Dream Girls vs Energetic - R7 Produce Tournament

    Onto the final round of the tournament and the first match starts off with one of the songs tied for 7th place Dream Girls going up against the song in 4th place Energetic. Will Dream Girls managed to get its 1st win on its last match or will Energetic send it away without a single win? Other...
  5. Gogije

    Tourney Energetic vs Suki To Iwasetai - R6 Produce Tournament

    Energetic and Suki To Iwasetai are both tied for 4th with 2 wins and 3 losses each, which song will get another win and which song will get another loss after this match? Will it be Energetic or will it be Suki To Iwasetai? Other Round 6 Matches Flash vs Spring Breeze Dream Girls vs La Vie En...
  6. Gogije

    Tourney Flash vs Spring Breeze - R6 Produce Tournament

    Flash hasn't had the best luck in the tournament so far as it has not managed to pick up a win and it has only 2 rounds left to do it in but now it faces off against Spring Breeze which has a win under its name, will Spring Breeze make it 2 wins or will Flash get its 1st win? Other Round 6...
  7. Gogije

    Tourney Downpour vs Spring Breeze - R5 Produce Tournament

    Downpour suffered its 1st loss last round bringing it to 2nd place and now it goes against Spring Breeze which is at 6th place with only 1 win, which song will win this match? Other Round 5 Matches La Vie En Rose vs Suki To Iwasetai Energetic vs Very Very Very Dream Girls vs Flash
  8. Gogije

    Tourney Energetic vs Very Very Very - R5 Produce Tournament

    Energetic tied for 4th on the table going up against one of the songs tied for 1st Very Very Very, will Energetic give Very Very Very its 1st loss or will Very Very Very continue to get closer to 1st? Other Round 5 Matches La Vie En Rose vs Suki To Iwasetai Dream Girls vs Flash Downpour vs...
  9. Gogije

    Tourney Energetic vs Flash - R4 Produce Tournament

    Energetic still continuing at only 1 win so far but now it goes up against Flash which doesn't have a win so far so out of the two will Energetic pick up a 2nd win or will Flash pick up its 1st win? Other Round 4 Matches Spring Breeze vs Very Very Very Dream Girls vs Suki To Iwasetai Downpour...
  10. Gogije

    Tourney Spring Breeze vs Very Very Very - R4 Produce Tournament

    Spring Breeze has only won its 1st match so far and now going up against Very Very Very having won all 3 of its matches, will Spring Breeze make a comeback or become Very Very Verys next win? Other Round 4 Matches Dream Girls vs Suki To Iwasetai Downpour vs La Vie En Rose Energetic vs Flash
  11. Gogije

    Tourney La Vie En Rose vs Spring Breeze - R3 Produce Tournament

    La Vie En Rose currently hasn't gotten a loss to its name meanwhile Spring Breeze picked up its 1st loss last round, will Spring Breeze pick up a 2nd loss last round or a 2nd win? Other Round 3 Matches Flash vs Suki To Iwasetai Downpour vs Energetic Dream Girls vs Very Very Very
  12. Ozymandias

    News MNET says no more audition programs

    I guess this means the trend of survival shows, atleast the MNET ones could be over for the foreseeable future. Sure, there might be shows on other networks, but MNET shows were the biggest, most popular, and they had the most connections. You could have stuff like The Unit but hardly anybody...
  13. Gogije

    Tourney Downpour vs Energetic - R3 Produce Tournament

    Downpour has been on a roll so far winning both its matches in the tournament and although its opponent Energetic didn't get off to quite as good of a start it did win last round but can it continue its momentum with this round? Other Round 3 Matches Flash vs Suki To Iwasetai Dream Girls vs...
  14. Gogije

    Tourney Energetic vs Spring Breeze - R2 Produce Tournament

    Energetic lost its 1st round match but now it has a chance to comeback if it can manage to beat Spring Breeze which won its 1st round match, which song will win in this clash? Other Round 2 Matches Downpour vs Dream Girls Flash vs La Vie En Rose Suki To Iwasetai vs Very Very Very
  15. Gogije

    Tourney Dream Girls vs Spring Breeze - R1 Produce Tournament

    I.O.Is debut song Dream Girls going up against Wanna Ones goodbye song Spring Breeze, will Dream Girls start off by rocking Spring Breeze in the 1st match and picking up a win or will it suffer a loss in its 1st match? Other Round 1 Matches Energetic vs La Vie En Rose Downpour vs Suki To...
  16. Gogije

    Tourney Energetic vs La Vie En Rose - R1 Produce Tournament

    The first match of the tournament starts off with Wanna Ones debut Energetic going up against Iz*Ones debut La Vie En Rose, which song will win in their first match of the tournament? Other Round 1 Matches Downpour vs Suki To Iwasetai Flash vs Very Very Very Dream Girls vs Spring Breeze
  17. RandAlThor

    Discussion Supposedly Dispatch has a new Article on the PD show

    I can't find a real link to quote but if yall find it please post it :) They claim multiple swaps thru out all four seasons. For PD 48 the new story is that the 2 of them sat down and picked the final 12 on Aug 2. After deciding to blow off the online vote all together. for reference Ep 8...
  18. RandAlThor

    Discussion MNET is sorry

    Really they are sheish... lets see some numbers baby!!!!
  19. Haolat

    News Fans Celebrate Wanna One's Second anniversary

    Fans celebrate Wanna One's second anniversary + #2YearsWithWannaOne #우리워너원_이주년_축하해 trending worldwide Wanna One is celebrating two years since their debut anniversary! Fans are congratulating the members and reminiscing with the upcoming debut of 'Produce' group X1 coming up soon. The...
  20. JakeyWantsCakey

    Performance CIX First Ever Win!!!

    I love the song and the choreo but I never expected them to win so quickly! @Poetry @colorfulteardrop how do you guys feel right now? The Winning Performance: Boygroup Taglist @goyo @Reo @wayvoutsold @Pigeon @Crackhead @GoldenBunny @MsJimin @baekk @Soleski @Darjeeling @RainbowDevil...