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  1. Jewel

    Appreciation I think this man is trying to get on my bias list.

    I've been noticing Hendery a lot more lately and I'm realizing how handsome, funny, talented etc he is. Like this man is unhinged. @WayZenNi
  2. Jewel

    Appreciation Has anyone seen this???

    Someone also edited it :llama_laugh: @NCTzen @WayZenNi
  3. Jewel

    Dance Practice 230219 WayV - Diamonds Only (Rehearsal) @ ICONSIAM

    Since this is a rehearsal, I thought it would go under dance practice! @WayZenNi
  4. Jewel

    Video Can’t Wait! I think🖤 it's going to be a lot of fun| TEN in Paris

    We love you Ten!!! @NCTzen @WayZenNi
  5. Jewel

    Appreciation Valentines message from Ten

    @NCTzen @WayZenNi
  6. Jewel

    Appreciation OMFG TEN. I'm being absolutely mauled today

    @NCTzen @WayZenNi
  7. Jewel

    Appreciation Happy Birthday Lucas Wong!

    I know you may be in a tough place right now with your situation but it's still your birthday. @NCTzen @WayZenNi
  8. Jewel

    Information Ten x Saint Laurent

    @WayZenNi @NCTzen
  9. Jewel

    Dance Practice [Un Cut] Take #4|'Phantom' Dance Practice

  10. Jewel

    Appreciation A thank you to youtuber Caitlin Benson

    For posting these amazing post When I saw them together, I lost my mind. @WayZenNi @NCTzen @Carat
  11. Jewel

    Appreciation Top 100 K-Pop Leaders voting

    Info copied and pasted from site ATTENTION! FOR YOUR VOTE TO BE VALID YOU MUST FOLLOW @TOP100KPOP ON TWITTER. Starting January 26th, they will start eliminating the 5 nominees with the fewest votes every day! You can also vote using the hashtag: #TOP100KPOPLEADERS on TWITTER! Example...
  12. Jewel

    Performance WayV 'Broken Love' Live Clip

  13. Jewel

    Sensitive More on the deal with Ten and stalkers Apparently, people are still following him home 💀 @NCTzen @WayZenNi
  14. Jewel

    Video [Weekly Idol] WayV's tribute to Whipley Song Selection (?) Stage ~ l EP.595

    Yes, I used auto translate on the title :susPepe: @WayZenNi
  15. Jewel

    Dance Practice WayV 威神V 'Phantom' Dance Practice

  16. Jewel

    Performance WayV 威神V 'Phantom' Performance Video

  17. Jewel

    Video [릴레이댄스] WayV(웨이션브이) - Phantom (4K)

    @WayZenNi @NCTzen