1. marublade

    Appreciation Which form of your bias is superior? [like tired, happy, dancing etc...)

    Woozi is superior when he is tired! He looks so cute and just tired! I dunno why, but I love the way he looks and is when he is tired! Kai is superior when he is wet! he just looks so etherial and perfect!
  2. marublade

    Kai is 100x times more etherial when he is wet

    Just look how magical he looks! He is like an elf dancing in the water! He looks like he doesn't belong in this world and should be in someplace better and more beautiful than this earth!
  3. Mayday

    So...is water wet?

    If fire hot? It's the same question I think water is wet, and if you disagree, don't. Just kidding, put your opinion.