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  1. Abeamus

    Video Wheein 1 year Youtube anniversary

  2. Abeamus

    Video Wheein "Loveholic" Behind

  3. Abeamus

    Video Wheein GRWM Vlog

  4. Abeamus

    Video Wheein Log #14

  5. Abeamus

    Video Wheein "Loveholic" Cover

  6. Abeamus

    Teaser Wheein 2023 Season's Greetings

  7. Abeamus

    News Wheein "Photosynthesis" to be postponed

  8. Abeamus

    Teaser Wheein "Photosynthesis" ft. Colde

  9. Abeamus

    Solo [Official] Mamamoo Wheein Thread | #MakeMeHappy

    Wheein is a member of Mamamoo under The L1VE who made her solo debut on 17th April 2018 Real Name - Jung Wheein Birthday - 17th April 1995 Height - 5'3"/162 cm Weight - 95 lbs/43 kg Instagram YouTube
  10. Abeamus

    News The L1ve provides update on Wheein after she sustains eye injury on stage

    Hello, this is THE L1VE. Today, our agency artist Wheein experienced pain in the eye due to residue from a stage effect device while completing her activities. Right after the incident occurred, she visited the hospital and received a detailed eye examination. With the examination results, she...
  11. Abeamus

    Found Completed Wheein set!

    Wasn't expecting to complete a set while the Valentines event was going on but luckily rerolls pulled through for me and I managed to finish the set :pandahappy: I'd like to thank these wonderful people for helping me complete the set :sanapray: @Yili for Wheein 1 & 3 @OnlyCalB for Wheein...
  12. Abeamus

    News Wheein takes her first win as a soloist on M Countdown

    On the January 27 episode of “M Countdown,” Choi Ye Na’s “SMILEY” and Wheein’s “Make Me Happy” were nominated for first place, with “Make Me Happy” winning with a score of 7,220 to 7,214. In her tearful speech, Wheein thanked her label, The L1VE, and her staff members, her parents, the MAMAMOO...
  13. Abeamus

    Teaser Wheein "Whee" Main Artwork

  14. Abeamus

    Teaser Wheein "Whee" Concept Photo #4

  15. Abeamus

    Teaser Wheein "Whee" Concept Photo #2

  16. Abeamus

    Teaser Wheein "Whee" Trailer Film

  17. Abeamus

    Teaser Wheein "Whee" Schedule

  18. Abeamus

    Teaser Wheein "Whee" Teaser Images