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  1. LeeHoseok

    Discussion I will be talking to my ult in less than 24 hours?!

    SEND HELP, IDK HOW TO HANDLE THIS!!!! Anyone who has ever attended a fansign (irl or video call) have any tips? I'm so nervous, I'm afraid I'll forget what I want to say. :sanathink:
  2. LeeHoseok

    Appreciation Bless the camera director

    Someone is very good at their job. Paging @JakeyWantsCakey :llama_laugh:
  3. LeeHoseok

    Appreciation It's hard to believe these are the same person

    Just....Whew! :wat:
  4. LeeHoseok

    Appreciation It has been 315 days since this microphone was last seen...

    It's back, and I will admit seeing it made me burst into tears. The iconic sparkly bling mic is back, and with it, Wonho performing on music shows. It's a very good day. :sadcat::nekolove:
  5. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation Open Mind Is A (Won)Hoe Anthem!!!

    Like it's basically just a song about how he'll be as kinky as you want for one night and then yeet you in the morning! lol
  6. LeeHoseok

    Debut WONHO | 'OPEN MIND' MV

    He's baaaaaack!!!! :sadcat::pikahappy::yes:
  7. LeeHoseok

    Photo Wonho out for blood in new Dispatch photos

    :pepecross: It's fine, everything is fine. ...Yeah, idk if I'm going to survive his debut.
  8. LeeHoseok

    Interview Wonho talks about Monsta X in Teen Vogue interview, Monbebes & WENEE cry harder

    Source: Tonight is just the night I cry all of the tears. I love that they're still friends & supporting each other. :sadcat: :pikahappy:
  9. LeeHoseok

    MV Wonho releases emotionally charged 'Losing You' MV, with lyrics for fans

  10. LeeHoseok

    News Wonho opens YouTube channel ahead of debut

    You should subscribe! Aaaaand 'Losing You' MV in one hour!!! :pikahappy:
  11. LeeHoseok

    Teaser Wonho declares, "Losing me is better than losing you" in emotional teaser for first MV 'Losing You'

    ------- Okay, who else cried?? :bigcatcry: This man deserves the whole world, I swear.
  12. LeeHoseok

    Debut WONHO Debut | 1st Mini Album Pt. 1 'Love Synonym' | 09.04.20

  13. LeeHoseok

    Debut Wonho set to debut on September 4th!!!

    The king is back, bitches!!! I'm just gonna be over here, impatiently sobbing. He deserves the world and I hope his debut is amazing!
  14. LeeHoseok

    News Wonho opens VLive & Fanship, looking for fanclub name submissions

    AAHHHHHHH!!!!! I am so excited to finally hear that voice after so long. Now to get my name suggestion translated. :pandalove:
  15. LeeHoseok

    News Wonho, king of the selcas, has returned!!!!!

    I can't stop crying, but this is GOOD crying. This is the day I've waited for. It's been SIX MONTHS since his last selca. Welcome home, sweet bunny. :pandalove:
  16. Bless_Me_Achoo

    Chart Monsta X's 널하다 (I Do Love U) debuts at #5 on Billboard's World Digital Sales Chart

    The song was produced and written by Wonho~
  17. LeeHoseok

    Solo Official Wonho Thread *Under Construction*

    Official Twitter, Instagram, and Fancafe
  18. Bless_Me_Achoo

    Appreciation Wonho world domination

    So a few days ago someone posted a video of Wonho on Tiktok and it already has 9.1mil views and 1mil likes Here is the original fancam: Since it was posted he's gained more fans even though he left the group over 5 months ago now. When he was spotted back in January the sweatshirt he was...