1. LeeHoseok

    Video WONHO x HolyBang 'Come Over Tonight' M2 Relay Dance

    Ugh, this could not be more perfect!
  2. LeeHoseok

    Performance WONHO | Come Over Tonight | M Countdown 21.10.14

    Bless him. :llama_BLEED:
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    Appreciation This idol is set to end the stalemate between Mnet & Starship/Highline

    Been over a year of no Starship/Highline artists on M Countdown, allegedly because Monsta X refused to appear on Kingdom. Despite Mnet's insistence that there was no ban (suuuure), the stalemate finally seems to be ending this week. Everyone say thank you Wonho. :sanapray: Honestly, though...
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    18+ WONHO reads thirst tweets

    I can tell you, these are tame af. They must've had to selectively find the just-spicy-enough-but-not-omg tweets. :mgblush:
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    Performance WONHO 원호 'BLUE' Live Performance (Marine Look ver.)

    HE IS ADORABLE!!! :PandaUnicorn: :PandaUnicorn: :PandaUnicorn: :PandaUnicorn: @karina
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    Appreciation This might be one of the cutest, most infectiously happy dance practices

    The way Team Wonho just work so well together. Radiating cute, happy vibes. :PandaUnicorn:
  7. LeeHoseok

    Appreciation Wonho speaks with his cat, Bom

    Wonho did a live (despite being home with his family for Chuseok) and showed off his family's cats, Bom & Yeoreum. It seems, however, that Bom was not impressed with the public display of affection. It led to this exchange: Please, he is too precious for this world...
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    New MV WONHO 원호 'BLUE' MV

  9. LeeHoseok

    Teaser WONHO 원호 - 'BLUE' Teaser #1

  10. LeeHoseok

    Appreciation Wonho & Heize looking adorable

    Look at how cute they are! :pikahappy:
  11. LeeHoseok

    News Wonho's fancafe removed from official cafe list after manager neglects to log in for over THREE MONTHS!

    In yet another appalling show of neglect & mismanagement by Starship subsidiary Highline Entertainment, Wonho's official Daum fancafe was removed from the official fancafe list, due to no manager logging in for over THREE MONTHS despite the artist's continued activity. This is just one of...
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    Appreciation Wonho has gym fanboys

    This might be the most wholesome shit ever. :nekolove::nekolove::nekolove:
  13. LeeHoseok

    Wonho is just DONE with stupid questions 🤣

    After being asked if he knew multiple mega famous Western pop stars, he flipped the script. This is how you sound to your faves when you ask mind-numbingly stupid questions. Bless this man, king of trolling! :lisalaugh:
  14. LeeHoseok

    News Monsta X Kihyun, I.M, and WONHO spotted together at Gimpo Airport returning from Jeju

    CRYING FOREVER, MY OT7 HEARTTTT!!!! :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :sadcat: :sadcat: :sadcat: :sadcat: @Monbebe
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    Video Wonho singing in the shower

    The world does not deserve this adorable man. His English, my gosh. :pikahappy::pikahappy::pikahappy:
  16. LeeHoseok

    Debate about Wonho's age finally settled

    And as suspected/informally known, he is NOT a '93 liner. While his official profile always listed him as such, his most recent vlog says otherwise. Took seven years, but here we are.
  17. LeeHoseok

    Today is Wonho's first time ever meeting fans in person as a soloist...

    I am literally crying he is just SO HAPPY!! :sadcat::sadcat::sadcat::sadcat: @Monbebe