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  1. Jewel

    Appreciation The difference is crazy

    I love this video so damn much. The song is perfect. @Atiny
  2. RockyGoose

    The thumbnails give me the same vibe

    Well... red background and bugs. (Yonghee has butterflies, Woosung has moths) Not trying to say that CIX is copying Woosung though. I like both of these songs.
  3. RockyGoose

    New MV Woosung - 'ComE dOWn' official visualizer

    Well... I watched it when it had it's premiere.
  4. Mayday

    MV Todays repeat

    The music video really potrays a good meaning, and the song is a bop as well. I reccomend checking this out if you haven't already! Stan The Rose ya'll. And to think that he's a rookie...:nekosweat:
  5. Suzy

    What did you think of Woosung's (The Rose) mini album?

    Title: FACE WOLF: MOON: Lonely: