y'all wtf....

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    "YG Is Trying to Make Treasure the Face of YG"

    Tell me again how Blackpink's management is some brilliant marketing scheme by YGE and not plain ole incompetence that just went right for once?🙃 @Blink
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    Appreciation Not This Sh*T Again...

    Congrats to armys and blinks for making it a whole week into the new year without fighting:we_kpopsourcing: Didn't know they had that kinda restraint in them
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    News JYPE is DUMB Dumb

  4. VillageIdiot

    News All of Got7 to Leave JYPE

    Goddamn @I GOT7
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    News Yuna Leaves FNC

    @Girl Group @Elvis
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    Stylist Asks Reveluvs to Stop Harassing Her

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    CLC Imploding

    @Girl Group @Cheshire
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    Woojin's Coming Back

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    "Without LSM, There Would Be No BTS"

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    Appreciation Which of Your Faves Would You Do This For?

    @Boy Group @Girl Group
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    Yuju's Been Trending on Melon Search for 2 Weeks

    And it's all men in their forties For no conceivable reason :pandanoreaction: @Girl Group @Buddy
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    Rumor MAMA Discriminating Against Idols

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    News Chungha Tests Positive for Corona

    @Girl Group
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    14 Year Old Kid Steals BP Song

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    I'm Sorry What??

    Drake Bell is a Mexican pop star now :jisoosmh:
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    News Pledis Throwing MNET Under the BUS

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    We Roasting Pigs Today.

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    Sensitive Girl Accuses Ex-BG Idol of Sexual Assault

    Im going to just link the acc, not the tweets since it'd slow down the page and incase they deactivate/get suspended account i was harassed by an idol who is really loved by his fans right now his friends know who he really is and are hurt too i went to a bar in korea and he was there to have...