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  1. seoriverse

    Match your bias with an aesthetic

    yoongi with the rain 🌧
  2. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Suga and his bday cat balloon

    So, Suga got a cat balloon for his birthday 🐱 It’s so cute. @ARMY
  3. seoriverse

    Photo MY HUSBAND

    HE CAME HOEM @miu @Moguri @Jungwonie
  4. seoriverse

    yoongi the beauty blender

    he's a cute beauty blender 🤔 @tomura @luvvs do you see it? 🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. seoriverse

    is he naked?

    oof my eyes, i would never expect this from my lil victorian boy min i-wear-long-sleeves-and-pants-no-matter-the-weather yoongi like button this up rn what if ppl see and it's not me... hope he doesn't go wild like this at the busan concert 'cause i just can't handle that...
  6. seoriverse

    update on my yoongi thread

    i looked it up and was sad to see almost abandoned :( i plan to revamp it a bit and give it some love so it is more interesting for users if you have any suggestions, i'm all ears! @tomura tagging my fellow yoongi stan and @ARMY
  7. seoriverse

    D-3 theory

    it was very interesting reading through this thread :pepesmug: if we can get some guitar from yoongi in d3 it would be awesome @ARMY
  8. shika

    Appreciation *incoherent screeching*

    Please, the way he gets do immersed in his music and playing, the delicacy of him pressing down the keys, the song itself being so calming, nearly mournful, the long hair, the wrists and hands- Yoongi Yoongi Yoongi Yoongi, the man you are *heart eyes 100x*
  9. seoriverse

    Songs with the most comforting lyrics to you?

    This question is a bit more personal. Personnally, Life Goes On and Tomorrow by BTS. The Last by Agust D too and basically the whole D-2 mixtape but more specifically Moonlight. :maheart: I put a link to the english translation for all songs. Be careful with The Last, it deals with very...
  10. seoriverse

    GFX threads of edits i made except it's very questionable

    merry christmas 😍 um best wii game argue with the wall get it? *dropped pizza on my phone interlude coquette yoongi uwu baldpink when i when i when i when fish graphic design is my passion <3 @ARMY
  11. seoriverse

    BTS 2022 Happy Chuseok Greeting

  12. seoriverse


    i'm srry it's that yoongi he 😂🥺😱😭💓😊😍🤷🏼‍🤣😎😘🤯💗🙏🤔🥰🤭
  13. seoriverse


    i literally have no idea what this title mean :sanathink: @ARMY
  14. seoriverse

    back to school!

    lolol i was pretty nervous it was my first school day. i don't have a good past with those day, once i had a heatstroke and last year i was so anxious i couldn't eat anything :yolk:it was a pretty chill day but i'm sad, i've had the exact same people in my class for the past three years and now...
  15. maruberry

    Appreciation I listened to old Suga/Agust D songs and now I'm sad

    I just remembered how much I love his first mixtape and I listened to it again.... Pure art, nothing more to say about it But still... First Love and The Last have made me emotional now, so just.... yeah
  16. maruberry

    I'm a Sugababy

    Because Suga Daddy
  17. maruberry

    MV Agust D '대취타' MV

    This was... SUDDEN!
  18. seoriverse

    Solo [Official] Min Yoongi 민윤기 :] Artist Thread 🏗️🛠️

    A thread dedicated to the genius of the k-industry! ~ MIN YOONGI ~ Profile Stage Name: Suga (슈가) Full Name: Min Yoon Gi (민윤기) Position: Lead Rapper Birthday: March 9, 1993 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Height: 1,74 m (5’8.5″) Blood Type: O Birthplace: Buk-gu, Daegu Family: Dad, mom, older brother...