1. Darkseid

    Movie Review- Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Directed by: Ron Howard Cast: Alden Ehrenreich, Emilia Clarke, Woody Harrelson, Donald Glover, Paul Bettany. After the Rogue One spinoff movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story marks the second installment in the Star Wars extended universe under Disney, and acts as an...
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    Comment and I'll assign you a Kpop agency.

    What the title says. I'm sure I'll make all my forum chingus happy with which entertainment agency I give you contracts to. Work hard as rookies and get that debut :sakUwu: Only rule is no disputing my decision :taesip:
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    News Twice gets 101st win, surpasses SNSD to become girl group with most wins.

    Twice had their 4th win for "More & more" earlier today, taking their total wins to 101, surpassing SNSD (100) to become the girl group with the most wins in Kpop history. It's remarkable that they achieved this in less than 5 years :pepeheart: This also happened on the same day as maknae...
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    MV Momoland- Starry Night (Special video)

    Eternally mishandled GG Momoland are back with Starry Night, which is actually a pretty chill bop. Sadly, they won't be promoting this so this is all we get :sanapray: And ISTG if anyone calls this Bboom Bboom 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 we're gonna throw hands :irenecrazy: Support the best girls from a...
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    When the internet lies to you

    So I've been awake for quite a while now and still need to stay awake for atleast 3 hours more. Feeling sleepy af. So I go on Google and find this: The fuck :wimwim::nayeonisdone:
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    I actually want a lighter concept for Blackpink comeback

    I think it's been a while since AIIYL, and I really enjoyed that comeback I think Blackpink can definitely pull off something similar again, so I wouldn't mind if their pre release single on June 26 follows along the same lines. Now, I don't mean go all in on cute concept coz that would feel...
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    Ranking NCT's rappers (OT21 edition)

    NCT is my favorite current boy group so much so that I've started referring to Kpop as NCTPop, @Yolks and @yoda_tato would agree :taesip: But I'll preface this by saying I haven't listened to every rap verse by every NCT member ever, so don't take this as an objective ranking. Personal tastes...
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    News Coachella 2020 officially cancelled.

    2020 Coachella, originally scheduled for April was initially postponed to October tentatively, but looks like it's been scrapped completely this year, understandably so. Still, I was looking forward to BigBang perform again :umjicry: Being a VIP is hard :umjicry:
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    Teaser Nature- Nature World: Code M album cover and concept photos

    Nature have revealed their album cover and more concept photos for 'Nature World: Code M'. In the teaser images, the girl group rest on each other in white. Nature's third single album 'Nature World: Code M' drops on June 17 KST. Nature is a new group I've gotten into pretty big, mostly...
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    News WayV- Turn Back Time MV delayed

    @Ahsoka you were right :wimwim: Guess you can sleep now :yolk:
  11. Darkseid

    News WayV physical album release delayed due to costume errors.

    I wasn't aware their clothing/accessories had anything controversial, guess they gotta redo the jacket shooting or something :jisoosmh: Atleast album will still be released online lol. If only they figured this out sooner to avoid last minute delay :nayeonisdone: @Darth_17 @Darth_berries...
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    News Infinite celebrates their 10th year anniversary!

    Infinite burst onto the scene 10 years ago and were dubbed the "Kings of Synchronized Dancing". Along with Beast, they were one of the 2 biggest non Big 3 groups who got really popular and had a string of hits. With amazing vocals and knife like choreo, they left their mark on the Kpop industry...
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    Teaser IZ*ONE- Oneiric Diary (Highlight Medley)

    IZ*ONE highlight medley for their comeback album Oneiric Diary is out: The title track will be "Secret story of the swan". The album also includes Japanese versions of two of the tracks and the fan song “With*One,” with lyrics written by the IZ*ONE members. Honda Hitomi wrote the lyrics for...
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    MV Chungha- Be Yourself (MV)

    Chungha's MV for Be Yourself featuring some male model has been released. This isn't her actual comeback btw, so don't worry :haylul: Seems it's part of that project MNH Entertainment is doing, like the songs Bvndit dropped earlier this year. It's lighthearted fun, good for one time watch I...
  15. Darkseid

    News NCT Sasaengs hit back at Haechan- post photos of him drunk and stumbling

    Can't say I didn't see this coming coz this kind of shitty stuff is exactly what sasaengs do. They act like a crazy ex out to ruin your life if you don't "appreciate" their love and support. Recently Haechan in his birthday V live called out up to twenty sasaengs who are constantly outside...
  16. Darkseid

    MV BTOB Eunkwang- No One Knows MV

    Eunkwang has made his solo comeback. BTOB vocal legends as always, and of course it's a ballad coz what else :wimwim: @Darth_17 @Darth_berries @Darth_Bitzy @Darth_Lixo @maruberry
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    Ozy reviews random manga on

    You guys can do it too if you're bored or curious. The only condition is no matter how weird/shitty/disturbing the manga you get, you have to read atleast 5 chapters. Go to Read Manga Online for Free. Online Manga Reader On the top right next to the search bar, click Surprise Me! Share what...
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    Teaser Heize- Your name (feat. Ash Island)- MV Teaser

    Release date is June 10th, 6pm KST. Soloist queen is back and will likely rule the charts again :sanapray:
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    [Quiz]: Depending on your Kpop taste, what kind of bender from Avatar the last Airbender would you be?

    For the first quiz on which idol on Instagram should follow you, click here. I found another quiz and this seems more fun. Share your results :sanapray...
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    News Onces are pissed on Twitter, trend #RespectJeongyeon

    So this is a thing now. Apparently both Mnet and SBS released fancams of other members but not Jeongyeon and fans believe she's been neglected. Usually music shows can sometimes not release fancams for all members, so I don't think much of it although it sucks that it had to be Jeongyeon both...