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My very overwhelming week. (1 Viewer)


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19 November 2018
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Last week, my abuelita passed away. She was 91. It's been very draining for some days now and I feel like I can finally breath without feeling like someone is kicking my chest.
My brother and I are the only grandkids that are in the area. Everyone else flew or drove a long distance over so when it happened, we sort of just shut down and i don't remember much about the funeral service. I know I cursed before I could even start my speech and then I just passed the mic to my uncle after saying 3 words. XD I'm sure she would have loved hearing that.
I also got news my uncle on my dad's side had collapsed. He's good now. He got the flu and it must have spread because his wife and kids weren't feeling that well. My cousin's still a kid and poor thing was alone trying to get to the hospital. I couldn't risk going to him while still having to return to households filled with a lot of people and spread any illness to them. They're all feeling better now.

The weird thing about funerals and grieving someone, I cried a lot but I also laughed so much.
I think I lost my voice just from laughing.
My family's situation has been rough since the beginning and there's been blatant prejudice at times but both my grandmothers were always supportive and they became the best of friends throughout my parents marriage. They would band together and cuss my dad out whenever he would do something wrong XD

I prefer being alone when I grieve. Things have been so insane lately. All my tias have been like avalanches that I can't get away from. But at the same time, it was nice having all my cousins from my mom's side here. Cousins I havn't seen in years. My oldest cousin taught me how to throw a proper punch XD the trick is you twist your wrist so it grinds into them and hurts more :icgyu:

Appreciate the people you love and have in the moment. <3

Also, :) fuck 2023.
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