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  1. Ozymandias

    MV Throwback Thursday- 2PM/SNSD Cabi Song (in glorious 240p)

    It's Thursday night and I can't stop watching this on repeat lmao, it's been more than 5 years since I last checked it out :haylul: Still as good tho :sj_weary: FYI this video is available in better resolution on other channels, but this 240p version is the best for an authentic throwback...
  2. Ozymandias

    Appreciation The manliest boy group of all time

    Been watching some old 2PM stages, and this one in particular is one of my faves. A group full of daddies :sj_weary: I love how normal the stage outfits and accessories are, and the choreo too. Effortless sexiness :) If I were an idol, this is how I'd like to look and dress on stage lol.
  3. gayzone

    Discussion june in a nutshell

    which comebacks are you excited for?
  4. Yseki

    Performance What Taste Looks Like

    Or Kings
  5. Marianthi

    Appreciation Can't truly appreciate 2nd gen groups without this

    I don't know whether we had a more epic (or hilarious) collaboration but this is GOLD!! Ain't no group doing stuff the way 2PM & 2AM did! STAN 2PM AND 2AM!!:pandahappy::pandahappy: Eng subs cause that parody without subs ain't nothing XD
  6. OnCloudShine

    Discussion Not All Male Idols are Trash...

    WE STILL GOT 2PM!! except the drunk drivers Ok Taecyeon shares pictures from his army break Article: Ok Taecyeon is on vacation as a model soldier discharging in May "Ukelele gifted by Wooyoung" Source: OSEN via Nate 1. [+844, -18] We need more role models like him on TV 2. [+615, -17] I...
  7. WhiteWadeWilson

    Discussion (FINALE) The KING of KPOP BG Visual from BIG4 of ALL TIME?

    (24hrs POLL)RD 2: YG BG Visual of ALL TIME! - KPopSource - The Only KPOP Hub That Matters, WINNER: BIGBANG TOP (24hrs POLL) BIGHIT BG Visual of ALL TIME! - KPopSource - The Only KPOP Hub That Matters, WINNER: TXT BEOMGYU (24hrs POLL) RD1: SM BG Visual of ALL TIME!!! - KPopSource - The Only...
  8. LeeHoseok

    Performance Monsta X take on 2PM's 'Heartbeat' for Music Bank in Hong Kong

    I won't lie, I think they absolutely killed it. This performance is as solid as beefcake line's thighs for that pyramid. Also bless ending fairy Wonho for the deadly duality. What's your take on this? Did they do the original justice?
  9. Ashla_K

    A GG stan reviews BGs: 2PM

    If you want me to check on your favorite BG go to the Main Thread If you want to see other reviews: ASTRO, MONSTA X, B1A4 Suggested by @blueberries This is intense. It has an old kpop sound, well, the song it's from 2013 but it sounds like a '07 or '09 and that's not bad at all. I think that...
  10. blueberries

    Audio Main vocalist vs Main rapper

    Main rapper Taecyeon's solo song Main vocalist Jun.K's solo song 2PM is kinda weird group...