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after school

  1. RandAlThor

    Appreciation reason 523 2nd gen stans had it good.

    shows like this were they al interacted. i actually have it subbed cant fid that version on YT any more.
  2. Boyo

    Appreciation After School Kahi & Nana in Bali

    :pikahappy: @Play Girlz/Play Boyz
  3. the101

    Trading The101's Trading Truck Stop 🛻 - updated 5/6

    Common: Miss A - Min Treasure Haruto weki meki doyeon CLC Sorn DPR IAN 3 IKON BOBBY Kihyun 3 Huta 5 Wanna One Sungwoo YoungK 3 Momoland Jane The Rose Jaehyeong NEW: After School Soyoung NEW: Fromis_9 chaeyoung NEW: Suzy 3 NEW: Yoo young Jae Rare: Loona - Heejin -7 Nu'est - JR 2...
  4. Puddles

    TV Anyone watching Glitch on Netflix? (feat. Afterschool Nana)

    I’ve just finished watched Glitch, a Kdrama on Netflix that stars Nana. It’s about aliens, UFOs and strange religious cults. It’s so much fun and Nana is an amazing actress (all the cast were great!) It has a dual plot where the main character, Hong Jihyo, is searching for her missing...
  5. Abeamus

    News Former After School member Lizzy signs with BK Ent

    On October 24, a representative of BK ENT shared that the agency recently signed an exclusive contract with Park Soo Young. Source
  6. Exi

    Found Finished After School Red!

    It's such a lit set omggggg :pandahappy: Thanks To: @/cards team ( cough @Soogi coughhh) for Kahi @Yili for Jungah @litc for UEE @Soogi for Nana
  7. Exi

    Video After School Bekah Reflecting on Idol Life

    It’s kinda sad ngl but it’s nice to see her publicly :pepecry2: :pepeheart:
  8. Exi

    Appreciation Model Vibess

    As expected from one of kpop's tallest and chicest girl group :pandahappy: ngl, e-young + nana + kahi slayed so hard omgggg :llama_blush:
  9. Exi

    Appreciation Didn’t know she knew how to DJ

    Our maknae is so talented omggg :pandahappy: Frick produce48 for screwing her over so hard :pepecry2:
  10. Exi

    Appreciation Kahi x Jungah being the unofficial subunit we always needed

    If only they were an official subunit . I feel like we would have gotten such lit choreo :pandahappy:
  11. Exi

    Appreciation Bekah being a girl crush while dancing

    Found a vid of Bekah cover dancing ‘beautiful liar’ at a fanmeeting and omg her stage presence and everything is on point :pandahappy: she’s such a girl crush omggg :kittylove:
  12. Exi

    Appreciation What a multitalented queennnn

  13. Exi

    Appreciation What an underrated bop!

    Found out that bekah and Seo In Guk collabed: It’s pretty good ngl. It gives me nostalgic vibes :pandahappy:
  14. Exi

    Appreciation Another Lit Dance Cover !

    After school’s dance covers are always so lit :pandahappy: I found one I didn’t watch till today and ngl it’s lit: :pandahappy:
  15. Exi

    Appreciation This Collab Thoooooo

    I found this collab song by lee hyori , 4MINUTE JIYOON, & AFTER SCHOOL BEKAH while searching After School stuff. I'm shook I didn't find it till a few days ago :O It's pretty lit ngl Bekah slayed ngl :pandahappy: :pandahappy: :pandahappy: :pandahappy:
  16. Exi

    Appreciation The Best New Member Introduction Ever!

    E-young's introduction to the fandom + the group was iconic! Man I wish AFTER SCHOOL did a band conceptttt :O :pandahappy:
  17. Exi

    Appreciation When E-young Became THE WHOLE BAND!!!

    While covering her own song: Sis needs to do more covers like this :pandahappy: :pandahappy: :pandahappy: :pandahappy:
  18. Exi

    Appreciation She's so Talented!

    E-young is so underrated but talented af! :pandahappy: Omg, she can play so many instruments :O Pledis should've promoted her more omgggg :shockedcover: E-young playing the flute: E-young playing the electric guitar like a champ: E-young playing the bass: E-young playing the drums...
  19. Exi

    Appreciation Suited Perfection

    Do you like women in suits dancing and being overall classy? Then you'll love this After School track: Dance Version of MV Short Version of MV Long Version of MV :pandahappy:
  20. Exi

    Appreciation They’re such dorks omg lol

    Jooyeon was trying to imitate jungah’s part in ‘bang!’ And omg lol it’s the funniest thing ever :lisalaugh: the mv for bang: live performance :