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after school

  1. maruberry

    Appreciation Weeekly's After School is so insanely good

    I'm... I loved Tag Me, didnt' care for Zig Zag, but this??? This is perfection! The chorus is amazing, the lyrics are cute, the styling is cool and cute and just perfect, their vocals sound amazing, the choreo is fun and unique so what tf is there to NOT LOVE ABOUT THIS SONG! I must just stan...
  2. Abeamus

    4Minute vs After School vs Secret - Debut Battle

    As I haven't done one of these in a long while so here's one to see which of these 3 girl group debuts strikes you the most :susPepe:
  3. Emanresu

    Good God This Performance

    Good God This Performance I want this to be kpop again so badly. Can you imagine. This is my favorite AFTER SCHOOL song. I swear folks they don't make these kind of song anymore. I fell over.
  4. Emanresu

    Appreciation I Know School's In Session But We Need To Talk About AFTER SCHOOL

    I Know School's In Session But We Need To Talk About AFTER SCHOOL I know all you students are busy learning basket weaving and how to code and working on becoming future leaders of the world. But we gotta take a time out. Drop the books. The laptops. The study guides. What you need right...
  5. Emanresu

    Appreciation AFTER SCHOOL Sasaengs Come Here!

    AFTER SCHOOL Sasaengs Come Here! This song came up in my YouTube Recs and I love it! So good. The extent of my AFTER SCHOOL exposure is that I am 100% fanboy for Goddess Uee. She's.... Wonderful. But what are other good songs by them? Any recs? Uee Is Certified Angel. I looked...
  6. RandAlThor

    And .. that leaves Nana

    Not even big hit could save afterschool. With news of E young leaving to form her own agency.. Freaking Pledis. She was asked a question on her Instagram stories, whether or not she renewed her contract with Pledis. She replied, stating: "No! Instead of re-signing I made a one-man...
  7. eclipsoul

    News Raina has left Pledis

  8. Abeamus

    News Nana re-signs with Pledis

  9. Abeamus

    Tourney Groups biggest hit answers

    How well did you do? :pandatea: 2NE1 - I Don't Care After School - Because Of You Apink - No No No Blackpink - Ddu-du Ddu-du Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar EXID - Up & Down Gfriend - Me Gustas Tu Girl's Day - Something Girls' Generation - Gee I.O.I - Very Very Very Kara - Mister Lovelyz - Ah-choo...
  10. Abeamus

    Do you know these groups biggest hit?

    Same as the last one except with 2nd generation girl groups instead :llama_tea: 2NE1 - After School - Apink - Girl's Day - Girls' Generation - Kara - Secret - Sistar - T-ara - Wonder Girls -
  11. yeji

    Appreciation KAHI BEING KAHI

    stan this iconic queen everyone
  12. trulychoi

    KPS, Pick my next badge

    I'm nearing 300 posts soon, so that means I'll be allowed to get my 2nd badge. It's been a long road, but I'm ready for it. HOWEVER! Because of my indecisive nature I need some help. Which badge should I get next? The options are: 2NE1 After School Fromis_9 I would have gotten a SNSD...
  13. Daiisy

    Appreciation Nana's beauty ending all our lives

    Make sure to watch Nana's drama Kill It :nekolove::nekolove::nekolove:
  14. yeji


    After School were such queens. I am defently missing my girls
  15. joshuaology

    *Important announcement* *Utmost importance* *May I have your attention please* *Will the real Slim Shady please stand up*

    So after consulting my team of highly trained victim players nuisances Carat gang members (most of them are actually Asian tho) I've decided to stop spamming "Stream Home" in every thread I don't know how to reply to. Because tbh, why? Why does Seventeen need it? When they have it the best...
  16. joshuaology

    To give you a sense of how long Pristin have been on hiatus...

    MY POOR GIRLS OML :( WHY IS PLEDIS SO SHIT While I'm at it, honourable mention to Afterschool for being treated WORSE #justiceforpristin #justiceforafterschool
  17. joshuaology

    News Interview with one of the worst CEOs of all time

    That's right, you (may have) guessed it - Han Sung Soo, CEO of the one and only, Pledishit Entertainment! The big gay rants about how proud he is of his babies Seventeen (as if he skyrocketed them to success singlehandedly) And a bit about Nu'est coz why not, they rake in the $$$ too...