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  1. BlackpinkINSync

    This bop makes me feel great I was in 1987 born

    Christina <3 Need to relive back 2 basics again.
  2. RainbowDevil

    America rn

    So I'm not gonna say much. BLM is obviously important unless you lack brain cells and as someone from Serbia in particular I've seen like... 5 black people with my own 2 eyes, irl, and yet I still get that they are opressed. Theres this thing where a lot of people are being outspoken in Serbia...
  3. TaShye

    Do we listen to the same music??

    Just made this thread so we all can connect to each other on a music level. Plus I'd personally would like to know who listens to the same artists that I do. Suggestions: -I'd suggest like quoting the person who listens to the same music as you and bolding the artists you both listen to...
  4. Princess


    Greetings my fellow KPOP Fans! I am here to tell you about my bias group's comeback! Here we have been blessed with an album with 7 tracks, and I'm asking you to give it a listen to see if you'd like to purchase it! Here are the music videos involved with this comeback The group's talented...