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  1. Darth_Bitzy

    Appreciation HAPPY 1 YEAR ON THIS SITE!!!

    Hey y'all it been a long while since I've been on, but my anniversary on this site has come and its been great!!! I made so many new friends over the year and it's been greatttt Anyways I've been really busy this year so I sadly haven't had time to be active I hope that this spring break I...
  2. wayvoutsold

    ANON My first anniversary on KPS

    It has been exactly a year since I first joined this wonderful forum, and I could not be happier. I look forward to visiting every day because of all the great users here.
  3. Darth_Kuro

    Appreciation happy anniversary: admin edition

    🎉 to celebrate KS' s first anniversary, some staff members have put together a little appreciation 🎈 (this is long :wimwim: ) ------------------------------------------------------- for the lovely @Son Na Eun from @mirella from @Mangoey from @Tir from @la_mort_pour_vous from...
  4. Cosmic

    Appreciation A very huge ❤ to everyone.

    Hello everyone, your silly admin here. Its been quite a ride, i can't believe we have finally reached our first year, i would say it is a very emotional moment for me, spent countless sleepless nights managing the forum in the beginning & crashing the forum occasionally, i can't keep the forum...
  5. Mayday

    GFX BLACKPINK's Anniversary- Jennie

    Feedback is appreciated. I'll be posting these hopefully over the course of the week.
  6. Mayday

    GFX BLACKPINK's Anniversary- Roseanne

    Feedback appreciated
  7. Haolat

    News Fans Celebrate Wanna One's Second anniversary

    Fans celebrate Wanna One's second anniversary + #2YearsWithWannaOne #우리워너원_이주년_축하해 trending worldwide Wanna One is celebrating two years since their debut anniversary! Fans are congratulating the members and reminiscing with the upcoming debut of 'Produce' group X1 coming up soon. The...
  8. OnCloudShine

    Appreciation [Prove Me Wrong]They Literally Outsold Your Faves

    8 years ago today :llama_tea: Stan the best-selling GG song in Korea
  9. JiminieKookie

    MV Happy 20th anniversary to Koyote