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  1. Rachel_Gardner

    Appreciation Pink Galahs then a car ruins It Video

    I hate it because the got scared of the noise, of the car or my camera phone. Either way sigh. Thought I would share this. @vogue @Saythename17 @Jimmychimchim @JakeyWantsCakey
  2. Rachel_Gardner

    Appreciation New Photo of Yours Truly

    Taken after I shaved my face. With my updated phone... New razors are a pain, because it nicks like anything and going really slow is bleh. Too sharp imo but oh well Anyways enjoy! @Cosmic @vogue @Jimmychimchim @Saythename17 @JakeyWantsCakey @Vikki @Yachii @lexus @kinnie
  3. Rachel_Gardner

    Sensitive Kind of semi ashamed of my black australian roots and kind of am not

    I thought having ancestors from black Australia would have been cool. And it is, because I can understand what the stolen generation went through. But then again. I am a bit embarrassed as well, because of how little they think of themselves and their culture. (Which I find fascinating) And...
  4. Rachel_Gardner

    Australianess Identity (Stereotyping)

    I realised how many people rock up and ask me where I am from. Even though I was born and raised in Australia. Not that I mind (sometimes I get offended) depends. But yeah. It's interesting and also terrible, how much stereotypes have been integrated into our way of thinking and determining a...
  5. V

    News Australia Wins World Cosplay Summit 2019

    The World Cosplay Summit announced in a Facebook post on Sunday that Australia took first place in this year's competition. The second and third places went to the USA and France respectively. The finals took place in Nagoya. K, one of the two winning cosplayers, posted photos from the event...
  6. zodiark

    News BLACKPINK IYA World Tour coming to Australia in June!

    June 13th and 15th! I really hope for Rosie’s solo around this time.