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  1. Mayday

    Audio (Daily?) Ballad Reccomendation

    Personally, I really like this song as you can hear each individual instrument really well, giving a different effect on the song. Their vocals hold a great amount of emotion, as well as the lyrics, which are very deep. Posting this for those who want to hear it.
  2. Mayday

    Audio Your favorite ballad?

    What are some of your favorite ballads from your artists that you find underrated? Mine have to be- Hear the Sea- RV First Time- RV Depression- CLC Distance- CLC All of the other groups I stan happen to have well-known ballads, except for (G)-Idle. All of the BG ballads seem to be rather...
  3. QueenGirlCrush


    So I'm trying to expand outside of idol pop Does anyone have any hip hop, ballad, indie/folk groups and soloist I should check out? So in the vain of people like Roy Kim, Akmu, Davichi, Ailee, Dean, Mirae, etc etc. Also can people suggest the best way to get into Bolbbalgan4 ?