1. taehyungie

    Hello. I'm a new member.

    Hello. I'm a new member and would like to request all of you to drop by my K-Pop Youtube channel Bunnykook4life :) Hope you guys have a great day ♡
  2. HopeOnTheStreet

    News Bangtan bombs got english subtitles

    We finally got our subs. :sanapray: Looks like the hashtags might actually had an effect. Let's hope they continue delivering subs.
  3. Mayday

    GFX BT21 Profile Pictures

  4. lexus

    News BTS will release a new film titled, "Bring The Soul: The Movie" this August

    "BTS is returning to the silver screen this summer! Following the success of their first two films “Burn the Stage: The Movie” and “Love Yourself in Seoul,” BTS officially announced on June 26 that they will be releasing a third movie. Entitled “Bring the Soul: The Movie,” the upcoming film...
  5. bulletproof

    Click to improve your mood

    He is such a crackhead I’m dying 🤣 This really made my night