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  1. maruberry

    18+ Taemin...... why

    FUCK this picture should be criminal!!!! He looks like a naughty boy ready to be punished and fuck he looks GOOD LIKE THAT I just want to take him over my knee and make his adorable little butt red and warm and then send him to stand in the corner...... why does he look so good like this his...
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation Universe was the most aesthetic EXO era

    I love EXO's Universe era looks so much They are so.... soft, warm and cozy and just overall comforting. I love it so much.... I could stare at them forever! That concept not even kidding made me fall in love with the colour brown!
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation Best boy in Treasure

    best best best boy He is stunning, with a BEAUTIFUL voice, quiet and mysterious and just overall.... the biggest sweetheart EVER He doesn't speak much, but like..... the way he smiled and said he loves Treasure and Treasure makers before bungee jumping just leaves me with SUCH a warm feeling...
  4. maruberry

    18+ Kun or Kai

    Kun or Kai Which one am I into today Which one do I fantasize about today? Do I dream about pegging Kai? Do I dream about being fucked by Kun? The choices.... the choices..... Do I stare at Kun or do I stare at Kai? Both are equally hot in their own ways. With Kai.... There are his adorable...
  5. maruberry

    Appreciation The one the myths should be about

    We always hear about the sirens call But what about the creature who can disarm you only with a smile We always hear about the strength of Heracles but what about the creature who can slay you without a hit We always hear about the petrifying gaze of Medusa But what about the creature who can...
  6. maruberry

    18+ Why are chains so pretty?

    This is like a serious question! Some people really prefer rope but for me.... Rope is for when there are no chains available. But why are chains so pretty? Like... they are shiny and they can look both delicate and dainty, but they can look rough and heavy as well. THEY GIVE SO MANY...
  7. maruberry

    Appreciation I'd like to declare a 3rd ult bias

    This comeback has done it Kun has stepped onto the podium already occupied by Kai and Woozi. There is no other choice. He left me with no other choice. He is too mesmerizing, too stunning, so beautiful inside and out. There isn't a single thing about him I don't adore. Kun is perfection He is...
  8. maruberry

    Appreciation SangA can just step on me

    She has such a.... cheeky and teasing vibe to her! And it just drives me INSANE! She has this LOOK she does with her eyes that is just like calling you out. I know you like what you see! What are you gonna do about it, huh? I'm just driving you INSANE and there is nothing you can do! And she...
  9. maruberry

    18+ Aini is the prettiest girl to ever exist

    I love her so much she is just... STUNNING! Absolutely stunning and beautiful and just breathtaking!
  10. maruberry

    Appreciation Holy s**t Hii-chan is sexy af [Maruif has a mental breakdown]

    I can't. This shit ain't alright. Who allowed her to. WHO ALLOWED HER TO!!????? SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE CUTE ONE!! WHO TF ALLOWED HER TO? This ain't fair, I refuse. She is too beautiful, I god damn REFUSE! I'm... I.... FUCK HITOMI IS STUNNING AND THE NO.1 VISUAL IN IZ*ONE! I'm not alright...
  11. maruberry

    Appreciation Kai's body is stunning

    Kai has such a BEAUTIFUL body. The proportions, the muscles, the skin, the EVERYTHING!
  12. maruberry

    Appreciation Proof that Yoon Jeonghan is the prettiest idol alive

    Jeonghan is simply the prettiest idol. There are some who look more feminine than him There are some who look more masculine than him But NONE of them are as pretty as he is! I take no criticism
  13. maruberry

    Discussion What do you think of this idol?

    What do you think of this idol based only on these pictures? PS: Yes, the tattoo is real
  14. Darth_Felflame

    Thoughts Must share

    This is my favorite gif ever Have a nice day my licking hearts!
  15. maruberry

    18+ Jiwoo can step on me

    I love the energy Jiwoo gives off when performing. She almost becomes scary... but in the best way. When performing she looks like she could beat you up and then spit on you, before walking off with a hair flip and sneer. ...She can step on me. In fact I would welcome it if Jiwoo was up for...
  16. maruberry

    Appreciation Yves is coming for my butt

    So recently I made friends with this girl (online ofc, who even meets ppl irl these days?) who is a massive Yves fan.... And I have to admit... I couldn't give a single fuck about Loona. But Yves is amazing. Like NEVER before has this happened to me! Usually even if I am friends with ppl who...
  17. maruberry

    18+ I want to do evil things to Kai

    I want to tie Kai up. I've talked in LENGHT about my wish to see Kai's reaction and him writhing around unable to stay still... But now... What would his reactions be tied up. When he physically CANNOT move. When he has no option but to stay still. Oh god the sounds he would make would be...
  18. maruberry

    Appreciation The no.1 visual goddess in kpop

    I declare Hii-chan the uncontested visual goddess... NOBODY can compare to her refined and poised beauty. NOBODY.
  19. maruberry

    Appreciation I have a new sig so I wanna show it off!

    I'm proud of myself for making this! These forum signatures are really good for my editing skills XD, I am getting a BIT better each time!
  20. maruberry

    Appreciation Comment an ugly idol and I will...

    This thread better get 0 replies. Everybody is beautiful. If you reply... you're WRONG! This gonna be me kicking yo ass if you reply!