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  1. Haiku

    What concept should BLACKPINK comeback with?

    Sci-fi fantasy with a storyline in the MV.
  2. sydsisco

    What Kpop songs are best played early in the morning?

    I think Answer by ATEEZ is a good song to start off my morning, what do y'all think? :dubuthink:
  3. VillageIdiot


  4. Ji_Chu

    Chaeyoung & Chaeyoung TOGETHER! 💕

    Literally meaning, TWICE & BLACKPINK's Chaeyoungs were seen together.... 👀 According to netizens on an online community, TWICE's Chaeyoung and BLACKPINK's Rosé were recently spotted out hanging out during a dinner date! Witness accounts say that Chaeyoung and Rosé, also known as Chaeyoung and...
  5. K

    MAC x LISA

    that's such cute packaging and I love the way her cats were implemented into it. makes it so much more unique
  6. K

    rose being the angel she is, once again

    her voice is heavenly and so are her guitar skills !! :DD
  7. K

    cute nature coloured jennie

    this style fits her so well and she is just so adorable with her dumpling cheeks !
  8. K

    gorgeous feathery rosie !

    merry christmas rosie posie ! and those pants are great, omg
  9. K

    boujee holiday jennie

    how does she make every picture of hers look so boujee and cute ?? talent.. merry Christmas jennie !
  10. K

    lisa & minnie on christmas !

    cuties !! the friendship between them is so cute
  11. K

    holiday jennie in black leather !!

    wow !! :pandalove: :pandalove:
  12. K

    sassy looking jennie

    god, such an iconic diva ! :pandalove:
  13. K

    Appreciation jennierubyjane having superior fashion sense- a series

    listen, we all know that jennie gets praised to the heavens when it comes to her fashion, and there's a reason why !! have you seen her ? not only does she radiate confidence and swag in everything she wears, but she makes it unique and better then before ! I adore the way she crosses over...
  14. K

    rosie is gorgeous, once again

    this hair colour suits her so well !! really gives her that indie, youthful feel :DDddd
  15. K

    lalisa being *chefs kiss*

    she is gorgeous ! and that hat :pandalove: and her follower count- keke
  16. K

    jisoo with bangs !!

    they fit her so well !! I really wish she would get them as a semi-permanent hairstyle
  17. bunnyviolet

    Chart BLACKPINK 'Stay' hits 300 million views

    y'all stop sleeping on this one pls :yolk:
  18. bunnyviolet

    Chart Blackpink surpasses 70 million subscribers on YouTube - Most suscribed artist on the platform

    After going ahead of Bieber, they are still going further. Hoping they'll reach 100 mil soon. :sanapray:
  19. bunnyviolet

    News YG Entertainment announces that Lisa tested positive for COVID

    The other members have been tested, and they are still waiting for the results...