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  1. davidlukas601

    Sensitive Blackpink BABY video? | Cute or creepy?

    I made a baby video for them and love Lisa the most. What do you think?
  2. SeulPika

    Discussion Blackpink In Your Area Shibuya!!

    Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa dominating the Shibuya skyline.... :nakypog::sj_weary: I would say that this is a massive improvement to the Shibuya area. :pikahappy: Wouldn't you agree @Blink ? :sakUwu:
  3. VergereSone

    Appreciation Blackpink NETFLIX Live Global Fan Event live at 9pm KST 20201013 in 14 minutes

    A Blackpink Global fan event is going live in awhile at 9pm KST on 2020.10.13 I hv no idea wats is gonna be shown or if were supposed to hv Netflix to watch it or wat. Just letting those interested its on. (I think its probably advertising the doc; but if they explicitly said tat i dint know n...
  4. OnlyCalB

    Performance BLACKPINK Comeback Stage @ MBC Show Music Core ('LSG' & 'Pretty Savage')

    BLACKPINK Comeback Stage @ MBC Show Music Core 20.10.10 'Lovesick Girls' 'LSG' Choreography Cam 'Pretty Savage' 'Pretty Savage' Choreography Cam __________ 'LSG' Individual Cams __________ 'Pretty Savage' Individual Cams
  5. Kat_in_the_box

    Appreciation I got Blackpink the Album 2020

    They actually had the album locally here as an import. Have not uploaded the songs yet but. Pix time @vogue @Cosmic @Saythename17 @Jimmychimchim @JakeyWantsCakey @Yachii It cost me 99 dollars australian ouch... No loss given how expensive imports are in general to aussieland Blackpink is...
  6. maruberry

    Cover Blackpink "Lovesick Girls" cover by Pink Fantasy's Yechan

    My queen!!!
  7. DarlingBlue

    Dance Practice Lovesick Girls Dance Practice

  8. thechels

    Cover 【KPOP English】Blackpink - Lovesick Girls (Acoustic English cover by The Chels)

    Check out our video! Please like and subscribe:)
  9. Cosmic

    Chart <THE ALBUM> 700k copies sold *still counting*

    Edited with latest sales.
  10. Ozymandias

    Discussion The Jennie nurse outfit (Lovesick Girls) controversy

    This is truly some of the stupidest shit I've seen in Kpop in a while, not even spending months on Stan Twitter could prepare me for this BS. For those who don't know, it started with some Knetz criticizing Jennie/BP/YGE for sexualizing nurses with her outfit in the Lovesick Girls MV. The...
  11. maruberry

    Discussion Podcast "Downtime with DX" ep.4 feat. Maruberry

    I hope you all enjoy it! We discussed Blackpink's "Lovesick girls" A loooong discussion of the differences of kpop & jpop Talk about some underground jpop idols and a lot, lot more! It was to record, I hope it is also fun to listen to!
  12. DarlingBlue

    Sales Chinese Domination!

    @Blink :queen:
  13. VergereSone

    News BlackPink interview/Access Hollywood - talking abt Ice Cream with Selena Gomez (uploaded) 2020.10.01

    Imma gonna spam this video interview of BlackPink/Access Hollywood, cos i just found it but if id found it earlier i might no hv been able to post it on blackpink artistvthread: Its more talking abt Ice cream collab with Selena Gomez but the timing of upload 2020.10.01 is hype/synergistic with...
  14. VergereSone

    Comeback Blackpink vlive for the comeback at 2020.10.02 10:00am KST This is the link 4 Blackpink vlive in 15 mins 4 their comeback "the Album". @Blink Anybody else excited n awake to watch?
  15. DarlingBlue


  16. DarlingBlue

    Rumor BP1 Composers???

  17. Saythename17

    Discussion “Whistle” Becomes Blackpink's 6th MV To Reach 550 Million Views

    Congratulations to Blackpink and Blinks! <3