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  1. Saythename17

    Discussion “Whistle” Becomes Blackpink's 6th MV To Reach 550 Million Views

    Congratulations to Blackpink and Blinks! <3
  2. emanresu

    Appreciation Silver Haired Rosie Is On Fire

    Silver Haired Rosie Is On Fire Silver flames I tell you. Silver freaking flames.
  3. Cosmic

    Sales Blackpink reached 147k preorders on just ktown4u

    This is just for ktown4u, not including the chinese bars preorders, its safe to say they either have reach a million preorders or going to reach it soon, this wont be including the fans that like to buy on the first day to boost first day sales.
  4. Kat_in_the_box

    GFX Jennie Kim Blackpink Profile Cover

    I had to resize this initially, because the dimensions weren't right to use as a cover. But it turned out rather well for a few dabs here and there. Colours are on fire imo. Love some Jennie of BLACKPINK <3 Btw my photo cards I got with square up were Jennie and Jisoo if anyone is interested...

    Rumor blackpink ice cream realsound


    Discussion Which BLACKPINK song was the first that you've been disappointed at?

    Ice Cream. Instrumental sounds just fine, vocals are average, lyrics are bad. I'm kind of not that into the vibes and the vocals of the song and I dislike such lyrics! Lisa's rap is very cool and the part afterwards is catchy but they're not enough I completely forgot about KAMU and Sour Candy...
  7. Ozymandias

    Discussion [Very Important Poll]: Are you nice with the cream? If you know what I mean

    :wimwim: These lyrics tho :wimwim: Especially the Nice with the cream if you know what I mean, which is immediately followed by this scene: And then ending with Jennie saying IIIICEEE CREEEAM :wimwim: What are your fav lines for any reason from the song? Drop in below and let's be chillin'...
  8. Kat_in_the_box

    Appreciation To celebrate Ice-Cream with Selena Gomez and Blackpink (I bought some k-pop)

    Even though it cost me a small fortune due to shipping. I ended up buying Blackpinks 1st and 2nd Mini Albums (Square up and Kill this love) Both pink versions hehe (ofc) I think it's appropriate enough. And they sell k-pop here where I live, but they have nothing there I like atm so yeah... Go...
  9. Cosmic

    Discussion @Blinks I will be hosting blackpink comeback

    I will be hosting if there is a preshow on Kosmi - Digital Hangouts Reinvented & the MV itself. Join me there if you want. Check here for live counter - YG LIFE @Baechu @Darth_Kuro @Xeulgi @Darth_17 @Jakey_Yoda @Queen @JoanaIsHere @vogue @Darth_Bitzy @Jungkook @lexus @bulletproof @yoda_tato...
  10. Cosmic

    Appreciation Blinks, how many hours from now is the blackpink comeback?

    Please let me know as i can't count. :nekosweat:
  11. kingtae

    Appreciation So pls explain how they look so good?!

    KBANK X BLACKPINK I mean wow ....... just wooow they look soooo good :O Whats you favorite look? :o
  12. VergereSone

    Teaser BlackPink 20200828 date n new poster teased for 2nd pre-release single for

    So 20200828 is the date of BlackPink's 2nd prerelease single fro"m The Album" their first full studio album. Still no confirmation on feat. tho.
  13. Ozymandias

    Comeback BIGBANG T.O.P- How you like that (Cover)

    After a long hiatus and scandal, T.O.P has made a surprise solo cover of Blackpink’s hit song How You Like That. Appreciate :pandacop:
  14. xdreamsandflames

    Appreciation [nation's MAIN DANCERS special] black hair and bangs mega hair showdown

    black hair and bangs, the power hairstyle of six of the nation's Main Dancers, showdown: (inspired by a kpop tweet i saw once) seulgi of red velvet (bad boy, zimzalabim era) vs lisa of blackpink (hylt era) vs momo of twice (what is love, fancy era) vs soojin of (g)i-dle (senorita, lion era) vs...
  15. Kai

    Cover 【BLACKPINK】- As If It's Your Last Full Vocal + Instrumental Cover

    Hi guys, Kai here! I uploaded this cover onto my new channel a few weeks ago. It took me about 6 months from start to finish, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :D lmk what song I should try next!
  16. Saythename17

    Discussion BLACKPINK's Kill This Love or How You Like That?

    What do you choose?
  17. OnlyCalB

    Performance BLACKPINK 'How You Like That' Comback Stage @ Inkigayo 20.06.28

    [email protected] SBS Inkigayo 20.06.28 'How You Like That' Group Fancam Individual Fancams, Full Individual FaceCams
  18. OnlyCalB

    Appreciation BLACKPINK 'How You Like That' - MV Making Film

    'How You Like That' MV Making Film