1. Kai

    Cover 【BLACKPINK】- As If It's Your Last Full Vocal + Instrumental Cover

    Hi guys, Kai here! I uploaded this cover onto my new channel a few weeks ago. It took me about 6 months from start to finish, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :D lmk what song I should try next!
  2. Saythename17

    Discussion BLACKPINK's Kill This Love or How You Like That?

    What do you choose?
  3. OnlyCalB

    Performance BLACKPINK 'How You Like That' Comback Stage @ Inkigayo 20.06.28

    [email protected] SBS Inkigayo 20.06.28 'How You Like That' Group Fancam Individual Fancams, Full Individual FaceCams
  4. OnlyCalB

    Appreciation BLACKPINK 'How You Like That' - MV Making Film

    'How You Like That' MV Making Film
  5. OnlyCalB

    News BLACKPINK has biggest MV Premiere in YouTube history

    BLACKPINK's MV 'How You Like That' saw 1.65 Million people tune in to watch the Premiere. Making it the largest for a music video in YouTube history! Congratz girls! :pikahappy: Source: BBC News
  6. OnlyCalB

    News BLACKPINK official Twitter account!

    BLACKPINK now have their own official Twitter Follow them Blinks! (and anyone else interested). I'm pleased YG have given them their own account. It feels more personal than getting updates etc from a company account.
  7. dooh

    Comeback BLACKPINK - 'How You Like That' COUNTDOWN LIVE

    ahhh :llama_laugh: :llama_laugh: :llama_laugh: :llama_laugh: :llama_laugh:
  8. Darkyoda47

    News Rosé for Elle Korea July 2020 Issue!

  9. dooh


    just spread it !!
  10. Darth_Ozy

    Discussion I actually want a lighter concept for Blackpink comeback

    I think it's been a while since AIIYL, and I really enjoyed that comeback I think Blackpink can definitely pull off something similar again, so I wouldn't mind if their pre release single on June 26 follows along the same lines. Now, I don't mean go all in on cute concept coz that would feel...
  11. OnCloudJess

    News We Ride At Midnight

  12. NeoSquare

    News YG's plans for their current backbone group

    Rosé solo in September Lisa solo prepared Jisoo in the works BlackPink full album in September So basically they'll cram Rosé's long awaited solo and the long awaited album in 1 month And knowing it's YG, we'll get BP comeback in 2026 :pandahappy:
  13. Darth_Ozy

    Discussion Which June comeback are you most excited for?

    We're officially in June now, and it's looking to be the most stacked month of the year. Which cb has you the most excited? Can vote upto 3 choices :sanapray: Zabraks: @Darth_17 @Darth_berries @Darth_Lixo @Darth_Bitzy @maruberry
  14. Gogije

    Discussion Which of these bsides is your favourite?

    These are the highest charting bsides of each group according to an article but which one is your favourite?
  15. gayzone

    Discussion june in a nutshell

    which comebacks are you excited for?
  16. Jakey_Yoda

    News Black Pink getting a Western Style roll out for their 1st Full Album

    So I saw @Mayday made a thread about Black Pink's comeback being delayed so I went on my usually kpop news sites and couldn't see any BP related articles possibly because everyone's writing 10,000 articles about the 97 liners controversy... but when I just googled Black Pink, I found a couple of...
  17. Gogije

    Rumor Blackpinks tracklist

    1. Title Track 2. Bside 3. Boombayah 4. Whistle 5. Playing With Fire 6. Stay 7. As If It's Your Last 8. Ddu-du Ddu-du 9. Forever Young 10. Really 11. See U Later 12. Kill This Love 13. Don't Know What To Do 14. Kick It 15. Hope Not
  18. gayzone

    Discussion if blackpink members were men