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  1. Skorge

    Photo Blackpink Jisoo - Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm - 2023

  2. Skorge

    Photo Blackpink Lisa - Instagram Update - January 24, 2023

  3. Skorge

    Photo Blackpink Jennie - Chanel Coco Crush - 2023 Campaign

  4. Skorge

    Photo Blackpink - Cool Magazine (February) - 2023

  5. Skorge

    Photo Blackpink Lisa - Social Media - January 20, 2023

  6. MinjuChu

    Appreciation Favorite PreRelease from BlackPink?

    Battle AGAINST PINK VENOM or HOW YOU LIKE THAT This is just me, I feel like the ending is the same but just different cause then they all sing the same rhythm but I personally more Pink Venom (No offense :pepecross: ) and remember this is YOUR OPINION
  7. HardcoreBLINK

    Intro Sup, new user here

    New forum, same ol HardcoreBLINK To the un-initiated I make threads about BP & they tend to be hardcore hence the username I'll be active here making threads soon™ Blackpink is the revolution ✔️
  8. N

    Your favourite BLACKPINK ship?

  9. S

    News YG - We keep our artists in the dungeon but we must have Fan Etiquette

    Hello, this is YG ENTERTAINMENT. We would first like to express our gratitude for the support and love fans have been showing toward our artists. We will be carrying out the [Fan Etiquette Campaign] to establish a healthy fan culture environment, so we ask for fans’ active participation...
  10. VillageIdiot

    Rumor Blackpink LATAM Stadium Tour?

  11. hearteyes

    News Blackpink will perform at a charity concert held by France’s First Lady!

    She attended one of their shows in France and now they will be performing at her charity concert. The pinks are household names in France at this point lol source:
  12. Moguri

    Appreciation Jennie joins the cute bunny club

    The cutest year ever continues with Jennie joining the fray :pikahappy:
  13. Moguri

    Where does the JisooSMH emote originate from?

    :jisoosmh: <--does someone have the clip where this is from?
  14. VillageIdiot

    Rumor BLACKPINK and BTS At Woodstock Korea?