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  1. seoriverse

    Found Completed BoA set!

    I have found all the common cards + the valentines one (and got my logo 🥰) thanks to: @MinjuChu for BoA 1 @Day for BoA 3 & 5 @Juniper for BoA 4 @LoveYooShaSha for BoA 2 & Valentines she is one of my favorite singers so i am very happy :kittylove:
  2. MinjuChu

    Group {OFFICIAL} GIRLS on TOP! #Thread ☆STAMP ON IT☆

    GOT THE BEAT Girls on Top (The beat) or simply known as GOT THE BEAT is a female unit group under SM Ent consisting of 7; some of the same group & one soloists. They debuted on Jan 3rd 2022 with their first Single "Step Back" Members: BoA TAEYEON (SNSD) HYOYEON (SNSD) SEULGI (Red Velvet)...
  3. seoriverse

    sometimes your two fav artists meet

    and sometimes it's boa and britney spears on kbs and you only find out now two queens in the same frame 💋
  4. seoriverse

    the holy trinity of vocals

    while we're on the smtown topic, everyone here needs to give my girls boa, wendy & ningning a listen on their ballad time after time. they served gorgeous vocals just like i expected and they deserves a lot of appreciation for it.
  5. OnlyCalB

    Video BoA 'The Greatest' Dance Practice

  6. RandAlThor

    MV Merry Chri remastered

    Boa is legend!
  7. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Revelus are smoking over the SMTown Tokyo set list.

    and if i had to bet it is all the female group fans. Basically each group and BoA got 3 stages with all 4 being in Got the beat.
  8. seoriverse

    my music week

    it's a bit late but my top 5 in streaming for 12 august to 18 august (ignore the not kpop songs) top artists 1. red velvet (duh) 2. twice :felixdance: 3. bts (mwah) 4. boa :izhug: 5. loona (i swear loona would be higher if not of all the diff name they're under :jenniecry: sorry orbits) top...
  9. Abeamus

    News BoA tests positive for Covid

    Hello. BoA has been diagnosed with COVID-19, and she is in self-quarantine in accordance with the government health guidelines. She is receiving treatment and taking rest. We will thoroughly comply with the guidelines of the health authorities and put our artist’s health first so that she can...
  10. aloverofkpop

    favourite dimples on idols?

    i know @Juniverse posted a thread on fave features on one's bias (thank you li for the thread, bookmarking it for eyebleach), but i'm going to ask about a very specific feature - idols' dimples! post your favourite dimples on idols, i'd love to see your picks! as for me, well, i'm stupidly in...
  11. aloverofkpop

    Appreciation best kpop debuts?

    here are my picks male acts: NUNA NEOMU YEPPEOOOO why do i not see people talk about this song?? easily one of my favourite boy group debuts, if not my number 1 fave even if the mv is an acid trip, even if jeonghan technically got no lines, this song will go down in history. female acts...
  12. aloverofkpop

    Appreciation let's appreciate the idol producers of kpop!

    talk about your favourite idol producers in kpop (and drop a few songs of theirs)! i'll start: woozi (svt): my man. he's written so many different songs that i love, for his group and even for other artists! boa (soloist): what a queen. what an actual queen. i really wonder why she's left...
  13. Abeamus

    Searching Itzy (and BoA) Valentines

    Got all the priority 2nd batch Valentines priority cards so now I'm open to trading the ones I have for Itzy Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yunas Valentines with being open to BoAs Valentines after that. I got Baekhyun, Jessica, Joy, Sunmi and Taeyeons Valentines for trade so far but I do also have...
  14. RandAlThor

    The newest Remaster. ID Peace B BoA

    The song that launched the queen of K pop Who debut in Aug. 00 Aug. seems to be Sm's month of choice for females. Remember boys and girls' she is 3 years older (nov 86) than the SNSD 89 line and debut in 2000. Went alone to Japan and became a monster 2 years later.
  15. RandAlThor

    BoA weekly idol you gotta watch )

    seriously she is money.....
  16. Emanresu

    Appreciation BOA: HU-HU-Hurricane......VEEEN-US!

    BOA: HU-HU-Hurricane......VEEEN-US! When your favs wish they would. And didn't. The Queen.
  17. Darkseid

    Trading NCT Taeyong and Mark, BoA 4 and Zico 1 for trade, all offers considered

    I've got an NCT Taeyong, NCT Mark, Boa 4 and Zico 1 ready to be shipped out :susPepe: As long as it's a gg card I don't have I'll consider it, plz submit any and all offers below. Thanks :wimwim:
  18. maruberry

    BoA better be the last performer at MAMA

    Just so ARMY can rage at a "nobody" getting to perform after them! THE QUEEN DESERVES IT!!!!! BOA BETTER HAVE THE LAST PERFORMANCE OF THE SHOW!!! It's the queens 20th anniversary!