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bon bon chocolat

  1. Chaeee

    Information Ranking different groups eras Pt.4

    Today I am doing Everglow (I said I’d do them yesterday but I forgot lol :haylul:) <Once again no bad eras just some are at tiny bit better> 1. La Di Da (Everything about this era was perfect👌) 2. Bon Bon Chocolat 3. First/DUN DUN (I love both of these eras and I can’t rank one above the other...
  2. perhapz

    Appreciation Happy birthday, Onda (Everglow)! 🧁

    Happy birthday to our cute and smiley, Onda! Smol EVERGLOW Taglist
  3. Darkseid

    Performance SBS Inkigayo cutting Everglow's live stage

    So Everglow just had their "Hot Debut" at SBS Inkigayo, and this was just their 3rd music show performance. Poor girls could only perform a shortened version of Bon Bon Chocolat instead of the full song, and it's made me mad. The camera work was shitty too. Regardless, they slayed. Check it...
  4. Wonder_530948

    My opinion on 'Bon Bon Chocolat' as a song

    Beat: 9/10 Catchiness: 10/10 Vocals: 9/10 I heard the song today morning, and I've had it on repeat quite a lot until now, it's very catchy and fresh, it's been a long time since I liked any newly released GG songs other than 'What You Waiting For', but this song took me by a surprise, it's so...
  5. QueenGirlCrush


    So I kept on seeing this group and their song playing the Spotifly list but I though it was a Western rock or EDM group. Until I was watching Park Bom's Spring and this kpop girl group got suggested. I wasn't ready!!:pandaannoyed: I already stan 8 groups and said I wasn't going to add...
  6. AnotherKpopTrash

    Appreciation EVERGLOW IS RISING

    Youtube views for Bon Bon Chocolat have not slowed down the second day. Views are about the hit 5 MILLION. Support for Everglow is increasing. :queen: I could've sworn the views were less than 2 million this time yesterday. They are going on really strong. Please check out their other...
  7. perhapz

    Audio Bon Bon Chocolat x DDDD - The mashup with the best chorus ever!

    The rest of the mashup is kinda OK, but the chorus hits so hard. Almost like they were made for each other. :sj_weary: Check it: