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  1. RandAlThor

    Performance Vacation Live

    This is awesome... Go go buddies.
  2. QueenGirlCrush

    Comeback G-IDLE + GFRIEND =.....

    A dead @QueenGirlCrush ! Seriously with G-idle coming back on the 26th and Gfriend on July 1st I think my stan heart has ceased beating. Joy killed me ya'll:pandaannoyed: :jisoosmh::pandalove::pandaomg:😍
  3. maruberry

    You say you love me... So answer these questions to prove it!

    I'm doing this again! @blurryface let's see if you can do any better! @Jimimis, my faithful 1st daughter @kuroyuri snakeu, prove your worth @Crackhead my soulmate @Seokjin and @crybaby my wonderful grandbabies
  4. Princess

    Intro Princess aka MonPrincess from AKP

    Greetings everyone! It's about time I made my introduction thread! I started out on ALLKPop forums because I wanted my inputs about my favorite groups to be heard, and along the way I fell in love with several more groups and met a lot of loving and kind people; however, the site isn't the same...
  5. perhapz

    Ok, so this is the REAL "BUDDY QUIZ" (GFriend~)

    Ok, so everyone's doing their own buddy quizzes... But now I challenge you all (especially my fellow Buddies) to answer the TRUE BUDDY QUIZ (GFriend related)! Cute Eunha gif to encourage participation
  6. Bara

    Intro Hi guys it's an intro full of pepehearts

    welp, better late than never Hi KPS users i'm Bara from AKP, a flop user who u used to see in every GFriend posts. I call myself eye of gfriend i'm male and straight so please don't judge me by my name :pepeheart: all of you guys seem to be lovely, it's been a while since i saw people like...
  7. Linky

    You can't 10/10

    Do my quiz, because I feel like I'm missing out. HERE, OK. CLICK THANK YOU. ALSO, SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE