1. marublade

    Appreciation I love winter, but hate christmas

    I love winter I love sitting in front of the fireplace when it's snowing outside I love the snow I love how still and quiet everything is I also love the cozy aesthetic and nice soft sweaters Being warm is the nicest in the winter, it just is that being said, I don't like christmas I always...
  2. JakeyWantsCakey

    MV Lil Nas X - HOLIDAY (Official Video)

  3. raymondchouku

    Appreciation Christmas is over

    Alright Christmas is over, but still this scene makes me laugh every time I see it:
  4. la_mort_pour_vous

    Official 🎅 🎁 Merry Christmas On Behalf Of KS Staff 🔔🎄

    It's finally here, the most paramount holiday of the year. The nativity of Jesus, the arrival of Santa Claus, the receiving of morning gifts, the burgeoning blanket of snow(only for people in the Northern Hemisphere), the consumption of rum balls - we're here for it all. We're here for the...
  5. marublade

    I'm a Grinch

    Christmas should be celebrated from 24th of December to 26th of December. Exceptions can be made for little children, but that is IT!!
  6. Discipline

    Appreciation My lovely Senior Mod, @Jimin

    So unfortunately for you, @Jimin , you've got me as your Secret Santa! Before proceeding any further, this will be a two-part present because one of them isn't ready yet but I will try to complete it as quickly as possible and then tag you again once it's done :yolk: Part One - Appreciation...
  7. Miless

    It's Christmas know what that means Exo-L

    Break out Exo's winter albums!! I mean, I listen to them year round, but there is something really calming about listening to their winter albums and watching the snowfall or while reading/writing during a snowstorm. If we don't get a winter album this year I think i'll be actually...
  8. Key_the_VIP

    What is your bias leaving under your Christmas tree?

    Title. Also, what do you think TOP is getting me for Christmas? @Angelyna_Frost @Ninalabkon