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  1. OnlyCalB

    Teaser Chungha 'Dream of You' (w/ R3hab) Performance Video Teaser

    This kind of gives nothing away lol :jisoosmh:
  2. Darth_Felflame

    Appreciation Chungha 'PLAY' gifs

    These are seriously perfect for like a flowery aesthetic or smn, feel free to use em Imma take the matador one for mine :sakUwu: Ain't gonna tag the taglist cause I tagged y'all once already.
  3. eclipsoul

    MV Chungha 'PLAY' MV

  4. VergereSone

    Dance Practice KCONTACT 2020 SUMMER Dance Practise teasers n other stuff

    So I posted KCON:TACT 2020 SUMMER Gfriend n Everglow dance practise n shout-out in their own artist threads, but ill do a round up of all the youtube videos i can find in this thread. So far i hv Chungha, Mamamoo, Itzy, Stray Kids, Tomorrow X Together, Cravity, Kang Daniel, Bvndit, JO1 (Jpn...
  5. Ozymandias

    MV Chungha- Be Yourself (MV)

    Chungha's MV for Be Yourself featuring some male model has been released. This isn't her actual comeback btw, so don't worry :haylul: Seems it's part of that project MNH Entertainment is doing, like the songs Bvndit dropped earlier this year. It's lighthearted fun, good for one time watch I...
  6. eclipsoul

    MV Chungha - Stay Tonight

  7. eclipsoul

    Teaser Chungha 'Stay Tonight' Concept Clip 1

  8. eclipsoul

    News Chungha Signs With ICM Partners To Take On Global Market

    Source: Soompi Chungha has signed with American agency ICM Partners! Chungha, who grew up in Dallas, Texas, has already taken some steps towards the international scene, including her October collaboration with Rich Brian. ICM Partners will be handling her global representation, excluding...
  9. SnowWhite

    Discussion Does Chungha really make money?

    She is the top level soloist widely known in Korea with almost all of her releases being hits but as they say, money is in physical sales and concerts, therefore so many acts with no hits at all and barely known outside the fandom survive. It sounds pretty unfair for her who is on top not to be...
  10. Abeamus

    News SBS Gayo Daejeon collab stages

  11. lexus

    Discussion Chungha unveils her official lightstick

    I think it's beautiful. What are your thoughts on it?
  12. RandAlThor

    Performance White team was so loaded.

    not only 7 of the 11 but the top 6. 10, 12, and 14 too. Somi, Sejeong, Yoojung, Chungah, Sohye, Pinky. Nayoung Btw season 1 should have taught us that the first reduced voting ranks mean very little. and its been 3 years ya would think music bank could have fixed the spelling error in...
  13. bulletproof

    MV Chungha feat. Mommy Son - Fast

    The song is a promo for JTBC Seul Marathon I don't know what to say about this... his parts sound like a Pitbull song :wimwim:
  14. Haolat

    Discussion Your personal album of the year (Kpop albums only)?

    Not considering sales and charting. What is your personal album of the year based on quality and how much you enjoyed the album? Can be a mini album or full album. I have three. They are not full albums just mini albums. In no particular order Baekhyun - City Lights Chungha - Flourishing Taemin...