1. QueenB

    Appreciation "I love beautiful women" especially in pretty dresses

    My day was spent looking at the pictures from the Cosmo Glam Night ~my favorite photos~
  2. AnotherKpopTrash

    Performance TIL T-ara released a single that was a cover of a viral Chinese meme song and performed on music shows too

    I remember this song was big in China back in 2014. It's hilarious. :haylul: Here's T-ara's cover of it. There's an MV too This was such a weird discovery for me. I had no one T-ara did something like this. It's like two worlds coming together. :hayshook: Edit: Apparently, this is the...
  3. marublade

    MV Fanxy Red Holla MV (performance version)

    OH MY GOD YES, this superior song NEEDED an MV and I love this sosososo MUCH! Not to mention K looks so beautiful with that blue hair!
  4. marublade

    Appreciation Stan these queens!

    Fanxy Red is an cpop/kpop group that has now debuted in Korea with 4 members! Previously when they were just promoting in China, they were known as Acrush All members are chinese and their concept is that they are all tomboys and with that have chosen male names as stage names. Their debut MV...
  5. Emanresu

    Appreciation This Song & MV Is Beautiful

    This Song & MV Is Beautiful I've always had a soft spot for traditional Chinese string instruments and beauty they can evoke, as well as traditional Chinese dress and cultural aesthetic. I find it to be the most beautiful cultural aesthetic in the world. SING, a C-Pop idol group incorporates...
  6. Azar

    Do you love KPOP? If yes, this is for you!

    All your favourite Kpop music online in this app! Get it For Free On Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kpop.internetradio " We can add radio stations according to your request" You can listen to Korean and Japanese, Chinese FM radio broadcasting and internet radio...
  7. sandwich

    Appreciation WayV Hendery as Prince Eric

    Fans want Hendery to play as Prince Eric in the little mermaid! Prince Hendery! So do you see it? (also, i didn't know where to put this thread at) :)
  8. JakeyWantsCakey

    Spam me with your fave BOPS!!!

    Rules: The song must be a BOP! Only one song/video per post (we're trying to increase our post count in this b*tch!) The song can be from any genre, language, decade etc. My first BOP:
  9. marublade

    Appreciation If you became a kpop fan in 2016 or later... Do you know this song?

    Just curious if y'all know this masterpiece of a song? It might be cpop, but it is a work of art by the former member of EXO Luhan! SPOILER: Oooooohhhhhhhh PS: If there are other people nearby who might hear... Better use earphones...
  10. chvnle

    Comeback BOY STORY "奇妙里(Stay Magical)" M/V

    lowkey a bop, they're adorable