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  1. Nobody4444

    Appreciation Super Impassioned Net Generation (SING)

    When thinking about Chinese music groups, the first thing that always comes up to my mind is the Chinese mainland C-pop girl group Super Impassioned Net Generation also known as SING that has released mostly music videos combining traditional Chinese culture with C-pop. Their single "Moonlight...
  2. BlackpinkINSync

    Photo I ended up getting fancy groot

    It is real though with the smackdown! I am not sure who collectss the pop vinyls but they are so fun to buy!
  3. BlackpinkINSync

    I once had these socks from Japan...

    But not sure what happened to most. I have red ones on with white flowers. Japan why you do me wrong : / @Tsukino @Yachii @bunnyviolet
  4. BlackpinkINSync

    I like the Japanese dolls

    Cute and a bit creepy
  5. BlackpinkINSync

    Out of 100 million family trees

    I found a tree with my mothers maiden name on it. Sadly the people(s) that operate it are never on, so it goes wanting. So it's either a talk to them or just wait.
  6. maruberry

    Tell me something unique about your country/culture

    Please tell me something interesting, that differs your country from other places. Estonians love to sing. I mean sing in choirs, in our free time, literally anywhere at any time! It is normal in my school that if we are writing something and somebody starts humming, the whole class ends up...