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  1. HalldorOlafsson

    Do you prefer 'busy' signatures or 'clean' ones

    busy with a lot of things going on at once. clean with little patches here and there. I am trying to make cleaner ones. I am one to admit I make my signatures busy @Soogi @izcream @kimsguardian
  2. Boyo

    Is this appealing/fun to you? Or meh?

    I personally think it's horrible, all that makeup... why don't ya give it to me instead? :kijoongstare: And the result... I will not tell you what it looks like to me. :taeyongdisgust:
  3. Boyo

    Salty, sweet, spicy, bitter or sour?

    Which one do you prefer? :pepelook:
  4. Boyo

    Choose one...

    Choose only one option from below and tell me why you choose that.:seokeyes: Basically, you need to give up on something.:mork: 1. Living without teeth. 2. Living without love. 3. Living without music. 4. Living without water. 5. Living without hair. 6. Living without nails. 7. Living without...
  5. Boyo


    ... that you wake up on a deserted island. You don't know why you are here or whatever happened. Days and months pass and you somehow manage to survive. One day, you find a phone and it magically works (I know... it's impossible that it also works, but nvm). Unfortunately, you can make only one...
  6. Han_Chin

    Sensitive I really hate that parents have expectations

    As a 20yr old I hate that parents have expectations of me... I want to become a singer yet they say "Oh. That's not a good dream. That's too useless." - Well, I'm sorry that you can't even sing or dance. Like I wish I could become what they expect of me. But I'm me and nobody else. Like come...
  7. LeeHoseok

    What artist/group do you think has potential but terrible marketing?

    Thread title is the discussion. What artist or group do you think is good, but is being held back by their company and marketing?
  8. JakeyWantsCakey

    How hot are the summers in your country?

    I don't really know... LOL It never really gets SUPER HOT in the UK... The weather is unpredictable here!
  9. Wonder_530948

    Which BLACKPINK song was the first that you've been disappointed at?

    Ice Cream. Instrumental sounds just fine, vocals are average, lyrics are bad. I'm kind of not that into the vibes and the vocals of the song and I dislike such lyrics! Lisa's rap is very cool and the part afterwards is catchy but they're not enough I completely forgot about KAMU and Sour Candy...
  10. Saythename17

    Tag your first friend on this forum

    Inspired by @Spacequeen800 's thread @Mairi is my first friend on this forum. wbu?
  11. Taeyellow

    Top 10 most handsome and pretty idols for you

    Which idols are the best looking in your opinion? Mine are: Most Handsome -Kai (Exo) -Taehyung (BTS) -Mingyu (Seventeen) -Yugyeom (Got7) -Winwin (NCT) -Felix (Stray kids) -Jin (BTS) -Kyungsoo (EXO) -Mark (GOT7) -Taeyong (NCT) Prettiest -Irene (Red Velvet) -Taeyeon (SNSD) -Sana(Twice) -Tiffany...
  12. Taeyellow

    What do you do on your free time?

    What do you like to do when you're free from studying or working? I like to spend my time listening to music, watching YouTube videos and drawing, i also work out when i feel like it, I'm a home girl so i'm the happiest doing things indoors sorry not sorry about this
  13. Taeyellow

    When did you start listening to kpop?

    My first time listening to kpop was back in 2012 and i remember a classmate telling me about it and how i should listen to it, the first group i listen was Shinee and i just fell in love with kpop even though it has change a lot. So when was your first time listening to kpop?:pepelook:
  14. hyun

    Discussion: Do you think Jung Joonyoung (JJY) is hot?

    I'm really disgusted with his actions but I find him hot :(( What do you guys think about him and people who find him hot?
  15. Tiffany

    Quick question for everyone.

    Do you guys like the constant alerts and threads updating everything about the forum?
  16. Taesthetic

    (G)-idle Señorita vs LOONA Butterfly!

    VS Which song is you like more?
  17. Wonder_530948

    Which K-Pop company out of the big 3 do you lean towards the music of the most?

    I lean towards the music of YG the most, it's the only company out of the big 3 that i listen to nearly all the artists of, i never listen to JYP's music, and listen a little bit to SM, mostly EXO. What about y'all?