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  1. SHlNEE

    ⛧ ⌒ Exercising ⌒ ⛧

    DO YOU EXERCISE ENOUGH? DO YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT? when i say lose weight , there is no need to lose weight when you got a little belly and when i say NEED i mean it like in a health type of way, not focused on ''looks'' perspective if you are on the obesity side or nearly there, do you...
  2. LeeHoseok

    Appreciation Work out with Wonho

    Elle Korea released an Elle Home Training video clip featuring Wonho of Monsta X teaching the proper technique for knee push-ups. Istg I have been begging the universe for something like this for AGES. I say Monbebes start a petition for a full work out video. I'm just gonna be over here...