1. litc

    Intro Hi peeps, new multi in town

    Hi everyone! Most of you probably don't know me, but some might from akp or hc, where I have the same username. Most peeps call me lit or litc (I prefer lit), but I'm down for a new nickname too:maheart: The song that got me into kpop was Exo's monster I actually did get into kpop for...
  2. Goldenstar

    What are your favorite kpop lyrics?

    We know kpop songs sometimes have questionable lyrics :worry: but there are also many nice ones :pandalove: Do you have any favorite? Mine: Jonghyun songs <3 Jessica's "Beautiful". If you need a motivational song here it is Jessica's "Beautiful Mind". Queen of having positive lyrics on her...
  3. Goldenstar

    Comeback LAY (Flying Apsaras) short film + dance practice

    WAKE UP EXO-LS, THIS IS BEAUTIFUL :pepecry1: We won't get a full version because Lay wasn't satisfied with it, the man is a perfectionist, but anyway this is already so cool! :sanapray: And here is the dance practice: I watched many times to catch all details because this is honestly so...
  4. Goldenstar

    When I say "this b side is better than the title track" you say...

    and :queen::queen::queen::queen::queen: What songs come to your mind?
  5. Hakunama_Tata

    News EXO Kai on the November issue of 'ELLE Korea'

    The November issue of 'ELLE Korea' featuring Gucci global ambassador Kai, will be released with three cover pages. During his interview, Kai stated: "For a while, I've frequently talked about happiness. First, we're just living because we were born. But given that circumstance, I want to live...
  6. Reverie

    Timeless songs🤌

  7. la_mort_pour_vous

    New MV D.O. 디오 'Rose' MV.

  8. Reverie

    This may sound harsh but

    Is there any group you regret stanning? :taesip: I think out of all the groups I’ve ever stanned, maybe EXO or Twice:pepeslippy:() Exo bc rlly i didn’t like enough of their songs (only really Love Shot and Oasis TBH) to actually Stan them. I regret SAYING that I stanned them bc really it seems...
  9. Abeamus

    Trading Baekhyun 2, Rose 1 and WJSN Eunseo for trade

    Gotta keep everyone on their toes for when Ailee 1, 3 or 4 are pulled :pikasmart:
  10. Brat

    Audio EXO Xiumin Singing Parts

    :lovelycooky::lovelycooky::lovelycooky::lovelycooky: His vocal :irenecrazy: 1m51s
  11. Abeamus

    Sales EXO sets new record for their pre-orders

    “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING” has exceeded 1,220,181 stock pre-orders as of June 6, breaking EXO’s personal record so far. Source
  12. raymondchouku

    Appreciation Songs you recently re-discovered

    Yesterday I was re-listening to Lotto for the umpeenth time and this came on and I totally face-palmed when I realized I forgot about it: What songs have you recently rediscovered?
  13. raymondchouku

    Can't Take That Away

    Certain now solo artists may have a good physique, but no one can beat these two who are not solo:
  14. marublade

    I had a dream about OT9 EXO tonight

    So I had a long ass dream tonight I was at an award show (I think it was MAMA 2022) and I was quite high up with a window showing a rooftop right behind me Then it was said the next performance would be on the rooftop The performace was by EXO, only some of the members were my elementary...
  15. marublade

    Rumor EXO COMEBACK INCOMING [According to some articles]

  16. marublade

    When you have spotify premium...

    Moving to anything else will be a downgrade as far as experience goes :reallysadcat: I'm stayin' I still have the exos and the neos there FUCK KAKAO M
  17. marublade

    Appreciation Manifesting EXO 2021 comeback

    Let us all manifest an EXO comeback together! Some article mentioned Kyungsoo is preparing for EXO comeback or smth Kai was hiding his hair We have 7 members available rn (6 even if we don't count Lay) WE JUST FUCKING DESERVE A COMEBACK TT PLEASE SM PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE @Exo-L
  18. marublade

    Appreciation These Chanyeol covers deserve the be remembered

    It's been so long since I listened to these and that is honestly criminal! PS: The Linkin Park one hit me really hard when it came out tbh, bcs I had no idea he was a Linkin Park fan (Altho it makes sense lmao) and I was just overall... emotional over LP.
  19. marublade

    Appreciation EXO's merchbot is acting all unusual [Lay themed]

    EXO's merchbot is Lay themed for the release of his album "Producer" This has never happened before! The merchbot simply does not DO Lay stuff! Well done Merchie, you did well for once!
  20. PrideInBaek

    MV T1xBaekhyunxRaidenxChangmo: RUNNER

    Never a bad song from Baekhyun :sj_weary: @EXOL @SuperM