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  1. QueenieLime

    Appreciation Exo Japanese Songs are superior

    I said what I said :taemsip: I really think their Japanese releases are underappreciated, altough they're really great! Here are my top 3! Let's start with Electric Kiss, which has a dramatic sound, and the MV matches the vibe really well. It's rough, and edgy, definitely a song I love...
  2. litc

    Appreciation Happy Baekhyun Day

    Happy 30th birthday to Baekhyun in Korean time and international age! :pepeheart: I hope he has a great day My fave Baekhyun song @Exo-L baby baekhyun soldier baekhyun
  3. Abeamus

    News D.O tests positive for covid-19

    Hello. This is SM Entertainment. EXO’s D.O. tested positive for COVID-19 today (April 25). D.O. has received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and currently does not have any symptoms. He has halted all activities and is self-quarantining and getting treatment at home in accordance to...
  4. Goldenstar

    Information EXO's Chen is officially discharged from military

    YAAASSSS And he got official merch like the other members Nation's singer is back :pepeheart:
  5. sydsisco

    What Kpop songs are best played early in the morning?

    I think Answer by ATEEZ is a good song to start off my morning, what do y'all think? :dubuthink:
  6. Goldenstar

    News EXO’s D.O. Confirmed To Star As Lead Of New KBS Drama

    EXO’s D.O. Confirmed To Star As Lead Of New KBS Drama About Justice I think most of exo-ls already knew this since it was pretty much confirmed but now it's official that he will get the lead role :pepeheart: "D.O. will be playing the role of Jin Jung, a prosecutor at the third division of...
  7. Goldenstar

    Information Grey Suit by SUHO has now 32 regions with No.1s on iTunes Album Chart

    It also debuted at #2 on on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart :pepeheart:
  8. Goldenstar

    Video Xiumin vlog (Hadestown last performance)

    He did so well and I'm glad he got a lot of support from the team :pepeheart: He is so soft :pepecry1: we are proud of you Minseok
  9. Goldenstar

    Information EXO Suho is BACK + letter for exo-ls

    Our leader is officially back! :pepeheart: :pepeheart: :pepeheart: Here is the translation
  10. Goldenstar

    Appreciation Peaches x Mmmh - fav Kai solo?

    Kai debuted showing why he's a main dancer and came back showing how his voice is flexible and can fit on different styles, even that he's flexing both vocals and dance skills on the 2 songs (and albums) :kokorohappy: Anyway it's been over 2 months since Peaches was released so I guess you can...
  11. litc

    Information SM Artists seasons greetings photopacks

    SHINee @Shawol Exo @Exo-L Oh!GG @Sone red velvet @Reveluv Super junior @ELF TVXQ @Cassiopeia Aespa @My Nct 127 Nct dream WayV’s wasn’t called the same thing but I found it @NCTzen if I missed any, plz let me know and I will add it!
  12. Goldenstar

    Exo-ls, we finally can see D.O. singing live again

    THANK YOU LEETEUK He performed with Crush on Park Shin Hye/Choi Tae Joo's wedding :pandalove:
  13. litc

    Appreciation Into My World

    So on pre-revamp akp I made a bunch of Song I Absolutely Love threads to promote and share songs I absolutely love and talk about them and what I love :nekoshy: You probably didn't see them :rjeat: I have them all saved but haven't remade the threads yet (minus one, BTS 21st Century Girl)...
  14. Goldenstar

    Appreciation Iconic kpop dance moves

    What are your favorite kpop dance moves, the ones you consider iconic? Not the full choreo, just that move everybody finds cool :queen: Some of my favorite ones (apart of the obvious that are the Psy songs) Infinite BTD chorus and scorpion dance click for something iconic SHINee Lucifer...
  15. bunnyviolet

    Video Kai Pink blood Quiz Show

  16. litc

    Appreciation What’s the first exo song you heard and liked? (Non-fans welcome)

    For me: :taesquish: This is also the song that got me into kpop! I still love Monster. It's timeless imo What about you guys? What was the first exo song you heard and liked right away?
  17. litc

    Appreciation Bunny biases?

    Do you have any bunny biases? I have four. My Exo bias, Suho: My iKon bias Bobby: My BTS bias Jungkook: My Loona bias Heejin: So I guess bunnies are buff lol:pandatea: