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  1. Rachel_Gardner

    18+ Just saw Seven Mortal Sins

    The boobies in it and the yuri OH MY LORDDDDDD <3 It felt like I was watching a hentai at times. But it turned out quite well honestly. The nudity was pleasing. soooooo please..... moarrrr It looks like a smut anime. And you wouldn't be wrong. But it has style as well as underling smut. Now...
  2. maruberry

    BG songs you would like to hear sung by a GG (and vice versa)

    I think the title says it the best! Which songs would you love to hear the female version of and which songs would you love a male version for! For me.... SVT's Fast Pace, it would slay as a female sexy concept!
  3. perhapz

    Teaser Somi's solo debut first image teaser

    Come, Queen. Real and soon. :pikadab:
  4. maruberry

    Woozi should go on King of masked singer

    He would do great on there I think. He is a really good sing, definetly main vocal level! The only thing I feel iffy about, is that he would be very easy to guess. Somebody short, male and with a high voice. Not a lot of options. He could go pretend to be a girl like that one guy from Up10tion...