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  1. Spideyvirus

    Music suggestions

    I am a huge fan of the band Deftones, I have been searching for Japanese bands similar to them. But I would also love it if there were similar bands from other parts of the planet, any suggestions are greatly appreciated and I can also suggest bands!:pyo: Thanks

    Appreciation Jisoo Fans

    can we be friends if ur bias is Jisoo in BLACKPINK? :jisoosmh:
  3. victorious

    What would you do if___?

    What would you do if someone ruined your life by making people not be your friend, read your journal and tell everyone what you said in your journal and tell everyone your personal business and tries to go back to you and be your friend after they ruined your life?
  4. victorious

    How do I get my friends to talk to me after they're mad at me for things I do wrong?

    so every time I go off on friends' friends, or do or say something wrong, they would block me every where, tell everyone around them about what I said or did, make every one ignore me and I tried to find different ways to get them to talk to me and nothing worked. They don't have to ignore me...
  5. xtra

    Did someone that you know leave the forum life ? Why ?

    Yes I do. Angie, she was in akp/hc. (We weren't that close with each other but I'm glad i met her bzs without her I would not have been able to meet my friends) She told me she wanted to find a job during covid to cope with the financial loss. I think she also said that she wanted to leave...
  6. victorious

    I need a advice

    So I never picked up a hobby since elementary school. My Dad and his family didn’t care about me. Now recently since this year, and two years ago, I picked up a lot of hobbies. I can’t even go out and meet people because I don’t have a car and because of Covid and delta Verent. Now I’m just...
  7. victorious

    I feel stuck with hobbies

    hey guys. I realized why I don't have any friends to hang out with because them and I don't have anything in common. all My life since middle school, no one in my dad's family and people during my time in middle and high school never told me about hobbies or didn't mention it to me. all they...
  8. victorious

    I have a question

    Do u think it’s rude when people never invite the new friend to hang out when the new friend just them for the first time? Like Korean American churches I went to, they never invited to hang out with them after I met some people there. They should’ve asked about my hobbies and common...
  9. LeeriaYa

    What is the first thing you want to do when COVID is controlled?

    Hello, Hai, Hai I’m on isolation till the 9th, and after catching Covid and being along with my thoughts so much. What are your plans when it becomes more controlled? When we can go back to a semi normal environment considering masks will possibly always be a thing. I think the first thing I...
  10. Jewel

    This is a replacement for whatever I previously had here that was removed

    I didn't know they all knew eachother. YUTA HUGGING LEE KNOW THO OMG. Two of my bias hugginggggg
  11. As_Good_As_Dead

    Appreciation A Dedication (Your Memory Holds Dearly)

    Your eyes are like the ocean calm always conflicted, always smashing against the rocks that hold you Up to the light, your hair glistens in the rain You heal my pain, whenever we confide in each other not lovers, but fighters (cleansing the broken in our hearts) Reality bites, but we bite back...
  12. victorious

    How do you ditch someone who don't care about you?

    its rude when people dont respond to my message or answer my calls when they're not that busy. People just contact you when they need something. Its make no sense. How do you ditch someone like you family members or friends who doesn't care about you? Source: 12 Signs Someone Isn't Really...
  13. victorious

    How close are you with your friends?

    its been a long time since 2017, They never answer my calls or respond to my text messages ever since I met them in 2014. Maybe I made a mistake for attending Harvesters then. They only message them uncomfortable or for being aggressive for not answering my calls or responding to my text and...
  14. victorious

    Do you call your closest friends, your siblings?

    I did a research on 5 stages of Friendships 1. Stranger 2. Aquiantance 3. Casual Friend 4. Close friend 5. Intimate friend (call a friend a family) so do u call your friends your siblings or family members?
  15. victorious

    Have your friend or family batrayed you? how and why?

    heres my story: i sent my high school mate Minho this letter To Minho: hey when i first met you in 2003, i didnt know that i was cussing at you in Korean. i didnt know what shirr baa was i thought it was a funny word to make u laugh. You didn't care if I found out or not. WHY DIDNT YOU...
  16. LuckyLuna

    How do people make friends online?!?!?

    Like I have a hard time just chatting with people and i get so afraid im boring them that I don't try. :sadcat: I also suck at texting people and have one friend.
  17. maruberry

    If we haven't talked... Come introduce yourself, let's get to know eachother!

    I want to make more friends on this site! So if we haven't talked yet let's get to know eachother and maybe we can have some fun! If you're just a lurker on this site come say hello aswell! I would love to know you too! If you have no friends on this site and feel left out... COME SAY HELLO! I...
  18. maruberry

    Renjun and HRVY are besties!

    From HRVY liking posts about Renjun and Renjun ONLY to now it being said that they are texting eachother! I live for this friendship, but I do wonder how those texts work... Is Renjun learning english or is Google translate a good friend of theirs?
  19. kuro

    how many people do you follow?

    am too lazy to create a taglist xD but how many people do you follow? I follow about 30 :queen: