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game of thrones

  1. LoveYooShaSha

    Movie n TV Series finales-wats your take? Spoilers galore!

    So the reaction to GoT series finale here is completely opposite of mine-spoilers Wats ur take on series finales? Start w/easier ones like LOTR n HP. Loved them. Hunger Games...
  2. Darkseid

    Game of Thrones Season 8 Discussion Thread (Spoilers warning, do not enter if not caught up!!)

    Ok I think we all need a place to discuss the final season as it goes along and where we don't have to use spoiler tags all the time. Let's keep all show discussion here. Tagging GOT viewers: @AnotherKpopTrash @perhapz @igloo @Son Na Eun @emanresu @goyo @bulletproof @Mangoey @OnlyCalB...
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation Sooo... Uuuuhhhh...I watched ep 3 of Game of thrones.... [SPOILERS... Duh...]

    So yeah... Stuff happened! This part is for the pppl who don't mind 18+ stuff!
  4. Emanresu

    18+ Holy F----Arya

  5. LoveYooShaSha

    TV Has anyone else watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones season 8? Whatcha think, thoughts?

    I watched episode one, a quiet -calm before the storm-much like the first episode. I liked it All in all, nice reintroduction, now let's get to all the death n destruction! (Not bloodthirsty, just it's GoT final season, Yeah!)
  6. kuro

    Targaryen x Tyrell

    the ultimate alliance :queen: @twinkle @Yolks come at us now! :sj_weary: @bulletproof @AnotherKpopTrash @deadstar @Jiminish @lalaloveloona @mysteric @Ozymandias @Riasama @SugaRush @Xeulgi @Yeontae
  7. Suzy

    Who sits on the Iron Throne in the end of GoT? [Spoiler Warning]

    Today one of my subject coordinators said she's taking a whole month off of work if Jon Snow dies in the end of GoT so now I'm curious about whether or not I'm going to be coordinatorless for a whole month. 🤣 Also, I never realized how popular GoT actually was until the topic randomly came up...
  8. Mangoey

    Game of Thrones rabbit stream

    I'm gonna be streaming GoT from episode 1 for a while. Come and join for a while, you can leave whenever you want~ LINK TO STREAM Also disclaimer: This show is rated R and has sex scenes and gore @AnotherKpopTrash
  9. maruberry

    Appreciation EXO's Kyungsoo is a full fledged member of House stark

    He has a stark personality! Serious, honest, hard working and honorable! A Stark if I have ever seen one! I am sad only bcs Kai is not a Stark... Like really not! And neither is Woozi! :pandasad: Also Kyungsoo looks so good in this gif!
  10. Mangoey

    Appreciation Favorite GoT House Badge?

    Let's forget the contest for a minute and appreciate these pretty badges! Objectively which one is your favorite? @lalaloveloona did a great job with them :pandalove:
  11. Tiffany

    Best GOT Moments

    What are yours?
  12. maruberry

    Appreciation House Stark is superior to all the other bitchass weak houses!

    All others are full of liars, cheaters, cowards and bastards! We in House stark are honest and hardworking! We will never give in, never bow down and we will make wiener come for all the other houses! We are strong like a mountain! We will be victorious! @Soleski @Golden_Wishes @maruif...
  13. bulletproof

    News Game of Thrones Prequel cast announced

    The final season of Game of Thrones is so close you can practically smell the White Walkers, which means HBO is hard at work on the potential follow up and just revealed the additional cast members and director who will be joining Naomi Watts for the untitled pilot. E! News has confirmed that...