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    Game A Conversation with Song Titles

    I'd say that I'm not that creative when it comes to making forum games but this game suddenly came to mine and I think that many people would find it interesting and fun! The game is simple, each one of the participants has to insert the link of a YouTube video of a song, the song can be of any...
  2. Mangoey

    Discussion Game Recommendations?

    Since it's winter break for me rn, I have a lot of time and have been meaning to try some new games. I usually like more story driven/single player game more. Games like the Danganronpa series, the Binding of Isaac, Bastion, or To the Moon ^^
  3. colorfulteardrop

    Discussion [Official] Pokemon Sword and Shield Thread

    In 3 months the new pokemon game "Pokemon Sword and Shield" will be released. It is the start of the new generation! The game will be released on Nintendo Switch and is the first main game for this console (Let's go-Series is a spinoff) The story takes place in the Galar Region. In every new...
  4. JoanaIsHere

    Game Kiss, Marry, Kill (Garfield addition)

    Garfield, John, Pooky