1. eclipsoul

    News GFriend get their first win for "Apple"

    congratulations! :pepeheart:
  2. Lighterxx

    Appreciation I fcking love Apple

  3. OnlyCalB

    Performance GFRIEND 'Apple' Comeback Stage @ Mnet M Countdown

    GFRIEND @ Mnet M Countdown 20.07.16 'Apple' Group Choreography Cam Individual Fancams
  4. OnlyCalB

    Dance Practice GFRIEND 'Apple' Dance Practice

    I really love this choreography :).
  5. romisk

    Fanart My new/old project

    I've been ranking my top 20 favorite k-pop/j-pop songs of the week for 12 years and finally decided to take it to youtube, i don't have the best editing skills in the world but i tried my best, hope you guys can enjoy it: Any tips or suggestions are welcome!
  6. OnlyCalB

    Performance GFRIEND 'Apple' (White Witch Version), Showcase Performance + EP Jacket Shoot

    'Apple' (White Witch Performance), Take #1 'Apple' Performance from Showcase 20.07.14 Choreography Cam 'Song Of The Sirens' Jacket Shoot
  7. OnlyCalB

    MV GFRIEND 'Apple' MV

    GFRIEND 'Apple' MV [Song Of The Sirens] :pikahappy:
  8. OnlyCalB

    Teaser GFRIEND 'Apple' MV Teaser 02 [Song Of The Sirens]

    This actually sounds like it's going to be a really good song! :pikahappy:
  9. OnlyCalB

    Teaser GFRIEND 'Apple' MV Teaser 01 [Song Of The Sirens]

    It's so Aesthetic! It's gorgeous looking!
  10. Gogije

    Teaser Gfriend "Song Of The Sirens" Tracklist

  11. Gogije

    Teaser Gfriend "Broken Room" Concept Photos

  12. VergereSone

    Dance Practice KCONTACT 2020 SUMMER Dance Practise teasers n other stuff

    So I posted KCON:TACT 2020 SUMMER Gfriend n Everglow dance practise n shout-out in their own artist threads, but ill do a round up of all the youtube videos i can find in this thread. So far i hv Chungha, Mamamoo, Itzy, Stray Kids, Tomorrow X Together, Cravity, Kang Daniel, Bvndit, JO1 (Jpn...
  13. Darkyoda47

    Discussion What 3rd Gen Group Songs Will Be Remembered in History?

    For me, it would be; - Cheer Up Me Gustas Tu Up & Down
  14. Gogije

    News Gfriend open personal Instagram accounts

  15. Ozymandias

    Discussion What are your favorite concepts in Kpop?

    And I don't just mean broad umbrella terms like cute, badass, girl crush etc. But like post an MV or maybe it's just an album/series and talk about the concept and why it appeals to you :pepeheart: I'll start off with 3 of my favs in no particular order: 1. Twice- Cheer Up Could've also...
  16. Gogije

    Discussion Which of these bsides is your favourite?

    These are the highest charting bsides of each group according to an article but which one is your favourite?
  17. eclipsoul

    News GFriend to make a comeback in July

  18. maruberry

    Cover GFRIEND (여자친구) - 교차로 (Crossroads) cover by Pink Fantasy's Yechan

    This is an old cover but it is just... SO BEAUTIFUL that I have to share it!