1. Abeamus

    Tourney Genie vs Rough - R7 Champion

    Genie is in the 3rd place slot and is facing off against one of the songs tied for 1st place in Rough but with only 1 win separating them will Genie be able to tie things up by defeating Rough or will Rough secure its place and defeat Genie? Other Round 7 Matches Peek-a-Boo vs Step As If It's...
  2. Abeamus

    Tourney Peek-a-Boo vs Rough - R6 Champion

    The leading song of of the tournament Peek-a-Boo is going against the song which just received its first loss in the previous round Rough, will Rough be able to give Peek-a-Boo its first loss and tie things back up or will Rough end up taking another loss? Other Round 6 Matches Closer vs Genie...
  3. Abeamus

    Tourney As If It's Your Last vs Rough - R5 Champion

    The first match of the round features As If It's Your Last which has had bad luck recently with losing both of its previous matches while Rough has been on the winning end of its matches and has yet to lose, will As If It's Your Last be able to beat Rough or will Rough pick up another win...
  4. Abeamus

    Tourney Closer vs Rough - R4 Champion

    This match features Closer which has managed to turn its luck around after winning its previous matches going up against Rough which has had its luck going strong since the start as Rough has yet to lose but will Closer be able to change that? Other Round 4 Matches Red Light vs TT Genie vs Step...
  5. Abeamus

    Tourney Rough vs Step - R3 Champion

    The third round kicks off with one of the songs that has yet to lose a match in Rough going up against one of the songs that has yet to win a match in Step, will this be the match where Step gets its first win or will Rough be able to hold onto its streak by defeating Step? Other Round 3...
  6. Abeamus

    Tourney Red Light vs Rough - R2 Champion

    This match has Red Light coming off of a loss from its first match going up against Rough which came from a win in its first match, will Rough be giving Red Light another loss or will Red Light be able to defeat Rough? Other Round 2 Matches As If It's Your Last vs Genie Peek-a-Boo vs TT Closer...
  7. Abeamus

    Tourney Rough vs TT - R1 Champion

    The final match of the round features the winner of both Gfriend tournaments going up against the winner of the Twice tournament, will TT be able to overcome Rough or will TT suffer a loss in its first match? Other Round 1 Matches Closer vs Peek-a-Boo Genie vs Red Light As If It's Your Last vs Step
  8. Abeamus

    Information Champion Tournament

    The tournament will start monday with 4 matches a day going for the entire week as it is a round robin style tournament and the 8 participating songs as chosen like 10 years ago are the following Gfriend - Rough Oh My Girl - Closer Red Velvet - Peek-a-Boo f(x) - Red Light Kara - Step Twice - TT...
  9. RandAlThor

    Art Beat hitting the buddy feels

    Such a nice job ladies.
  10. Abeamus

    Found Completed Gfriend Rares

    It's me back again with another totally intentio- no wait this one actually was intentional :jisoosmh: I'd like to thank these amazing people for helping me complete Gfriend :sanapray: @EvenOfDae for Sowon @EvenOfDae and @karina for Yerin @karina for Eunha @Xeulgi for Yuju @Yili for SinB...
  11. Abeamus

    Searching 2nd batch Rares I'm still after

    Changed my Wanting list like 4 times recently so making this so everyone knows my actual Wanting list is:shamesica: Solji, LE, Hyelin and Jeonghwa from EXID, Yuju and Umji from Gfriend and Hyojung, YooA, Jiho and Arin from Oh My Girl but I am also open to trading for Twice Minas Rare :susPepe:
  12. RandAlThor

    Most important SNSD performance to my buddy self

    Because i was watching M countdown live waiting for this.. party get a ton of flack but its a special cb. i saw this They jumped off the screen and i was researching them even as the rest of the acts were going on.
  13. Abeamus

    News Sowon in talks to sign with IOK Company

    On July 29, Newsen reported that Sowon will soon be signing an exclusive contract with IOK Company. The media outlet shared that although she hasn’t officially signed the paperwork yet, she has verbally agreed to join the agency. In response to the reports, a representative of the agency...
  14. Han_Chin

    GLAM - - The reason behind

    So the reason behind GLAM'S disbandment was because of member Kim Dahee. It was reported the Vocalist and another member of GLAM had involvement in a scandal. In 2014, actor Lee Byung Hun went to police with the accusation that he was being blackmailed and extorted by two women, one of which...
  15. Abeamus

    Twitter held a Gfriend bside tournament

    Can't say I would've expected any of these to win :dubuthink:
  16. Abeamus

    Still not sure why this didn't catch on

    This was a real great way to do a lyric video and when it came out I figured more of these would've come out :dubuthink: