1. Vikki

    I hate elitist people

    Gymnasts have better form on tumbling that’s true. But that’s because they’re trained that way, not because they”appreciate art and history”. Find me any gymnast who deeply cares about those things. I’ll wait :nayeonisdone:
  2. Vikki

    Simone Biles debuts new vault never done by a female gymnast

    What a queen :sj_weary:
  3. Vikki

    Worst coach you ever had?

    I had one that would always yell at us and tell us we weren't doing good enough. One time, I slipped off the high bar and landed on my head and she didn't care, my brothers coach had to go make sure I was okay. Later the same day, I asked if I could go home because I couldn't do anything because...
  4. Tickita

    Official Gymnastics Thread

    The official thread to talk about anything gymnastics. Types of Gymnastics Artistic Possibly the most popular. The women's contains 4 apparatus: uneven bars, vault, balance beam, and floor; while the men contains 6 apparatus: pommel horse, rings, parallel bars, vault, floor, and high bar...