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han ji sung

  1. Jewel

    Appreciation Let my boys rest JYP

  2. Jewel

    Appreciation My Minsung ♥

  3. Jewel

    Appreciation My boys ♥

  4. Jewel


  5. Han_Chin

    News CLIO Under Fire For Excluding Stray Kids’ Hyunjin In “All Member” Photo Card Set—Deletes Post

    CLIO stated that it was “All Stray Kids Members.” 4hours ago Back in February, after a significant amount of alleged bullying in the K-Pop world, CLIO...
  6. RandAlThor

    News Han Ji Sung was DUI at the time of her death.

    Drinking and Driving are a bad idea. How long has everyone known this? sigh.
  7. VillageIdiot

    News [Trigger Warning]Black Box Footage Of Han Ji Sung and Husband

    Trigger Warning just to be on the safe side. You can see a car colliding with another, possibly theirs in the rear view, but nothing graphic partly due to position and the quality of the footage The husband is the one running away, Ji Sung is the one crouching over, possibly vomiting.
  8. kuro

    black box footage raises suspicion about han ji sung's fatal car accident

    @MonCherry oh please let this be an accident, today was really worrisome for me because of this source Black box footage raises suspicion on actress Han Ji Sung's fatal car accident ADVERTISING Around 3:50 am on May 6 KST, actress Han Ji Sung, 28, passed away from a 3-car crash near the...
  9. VillageIdiot

    [NB] Actress Han Ji Sung Mysterious Death

    Actress Han Ji Sung found to have been killed in a car accident Article: [Exclusive] Actress who died on Incheon airport highway is Han Ji Sung... "Family in grief" Source: TV Daily via Nate Her husband claimed that he said he needed to go to the bathroom while she was driving them down a...