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happy birthday

  1. litc

    Appreciation Happy 17th birthday Soeun

    Happy 17th birthday baby:bigcatlove::bigcatlove::bigcatlove: @True
  2. litc

    Appreciation HAPPY JINHA DAY

    Happy 19th birthday to Jinha in international age:bigcatlove::bigcatlove: Happy birthday baby, miss you, and hoping for your good health, and a healthy return to when you're ready:pepecry1::pandalove: (for those who don't know, she has been on hiatus for health concerns since...
  3. litc

    Appreciation Happy Mei Qi Day

    Happy 24th birthday in international age to WJSN’s Libra Mei Qi @Ujung
  4. litc

    Appreciation Happy Hyunjae Day

    Happy 25th birthday to Hyunjae in international age:pandalove: @The B
  5. xtra

    Happy Birthday @exi

    Happy Birthday Vip It’s your birthday party today @Exi . Today we prepared a lot of entertainments for you (mostly clownery). One especially did sth special for you i hope you will like it :pepeheart::lisalaugh: We know each other for a long time now. :bobross: You grew so much : almost...
  6. litc

    Appreciation Happy Bona Day: Everything I Like About Bona

    Happy 27th birthday in international age to Bona:pandahappy::pandahappy::pandahappy: I was going to make an everything I like about Bona thread eventually anyways, so why not on her birthday:catsip: I mean the answer is basically everything anyway:pandaangel: But I'll try:pandatea: her...
  7. litc

    Appreciation Happy Zoa Day

    Happy 17th birthday to our wonder maknae Zoa/Hyewon:pikahappy: I hope she has a wonderful day and great year and I'm glad she's able to have a high school experience too, she debuted so young:bigcatlove::bigcatlove: @Daileee
  8. litc

    Appreciation Happy OOO Yoojung Day

  9. LilacNyx

    Appreciation [Real Birthday] Happy Dawon Day

    Even though her official birthday was last month, I wanted to do a thread for WJSN’s Dawon since today is also her birthday (she shares the same birthday *except the year* as fellow WJSN member Eunseo) Happy Birthday Dawon!
  10. litc

    Appreciation Happy Sunny Day

    Happy 33rd birthday Sunny:pandahappy: hoping for snsd or oh!gg comeback @Sone
  11. litc

    Appreciation Happy Monday Day

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONDAY:queen::queen: hilarious ace and top vocal:snatched: cutest baby and cute even now:pikahappy: @Daileee I hope Jimin has an amazing day:pandahappy:
  12. litc

    Appreciation Happy 22nd Birthday Jeno

    He looks so handsome with pink hair Dream wouldn't be the same without him:bigcatlove::bigcatlove: Underrated jeno thing imo: his chorus in Deja Vu the best kpop deja vu imo, don't come at me:mess: also look baby child actor jeno!
  13. litc

    Appreciation Happy Ken day

    Happy 30th birthday to Ken:pandahappy: @Starlight stream his solo:shakebell:
  14. litc

    Appreciation Happy birthday Kangmin!

    Happy 20th birthday (in international age) to TRCNG's adorable b-boying main vocal former child actor maknae Kangmin:pandahappy::pandalove::bigcatlove: Getting first place in the rap as main vocal against main rappersllama_twerkllama_twerk Maknae line is growing up:pandasad: I hope...
  15. baejin

    Appreciation Happy Xiaoting Day!!

  16. baejin

    Appreciation Happy J.You day!

  17. Han_Chin

    Group Watch: TXT Earns 3rd Win For “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” On “M Countdown”; Performances By TWICE, LIGHTSUM, N.Flying, And More MUSIC SHOW

    Watch: TXT Earns 3rd Win For “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” On “M Countdown”; Performances By TWICE, LIGHTSUM, N.Flying, And More MUSIC SHOW Jun 10, 2021 by E. Cha TXT has won their third music show trophy for “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)“! On the June 10 episode of “M...
  18. maruberry

    Appreciation Seventeen's Happy Birthday is free to use

    This is such a beautiful present to carats! Not only is it a stunning song with beautiful lyrics, but it is free to use for us! They also credit us for the lyrics and producing along with Woozi! Maybe that is also why they made it free to use, We helped make it, so we should be able to use...
  19. Darkseid

    Appreciation Happy Sana Day!!! Sana turns 24!!

    It's my wife's birthday (in Korean time) :sj_weary: The greatest female idol, the most beautiful woman on earth, Minatozaki Sana has just turned 24, no matter how terrible any year goes it always ends good coz Sana chan birthday :nekolove::pikahappy: The cutest and sexiest idol of our times...
  20. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation Happy Birthday Lady Grey!

    Happy Birthday @Lady_Grey me and a few other people wanted to wish you a very special day and tell you how much we all appreciate your friendship! Happy Birthday Mairi (Cherry_Lady)! :pikahappy: I hope you have a great day! - @OnlyCalB Happy Birthday kitten. I hope you have a wonderful...