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  1. seungfloral

    Favourite exercise?

    I'm tryna slowly get healthier and not wanting to deadlift right away i thought to try some easier workouts. I've just been on a hour long walk with my friend. It was good, my feet hurt, but my lungs are thanking me. Any advice on what other activities you recommend or also do to keep an active...
  2. Jewel

    Sensitive Came back from cardiologist..

    Cardiologist said that my heart looks fine it's just mostly because of the virus and my weight. Thank God it wasn't anything serious. Doctor is putting me on beta blockers for the heart regulation and elevated blood pressure. I've been cleared to have my gallbladder surgery so that'll probably...
  3. LeeriaYa

    Official ✯ ✵ Mental Health Support✯ ✵

    Here you can find a place to open up,and feel safe. You’ll be welcomed here with open arms,and have others help in a time of need. If you feel a bit scared then it’s alright. You can add it into a spoiler,and I and many others will help you. If you would like to, feel free to specify in your...