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hua chenyu

  1. Suzy

    Appreciation Excuse me haters

    Hua Chenyu has a message for you all turn on cc Original, MV version
  2. Suzy

    Comeback Hua Chenyu 'New World' album is out for sale!! +achievements so far

    The album is on pre-sale at the moment and he will subsequently release a new song from the album throughout April. He has already released three songs: 'New World', 'Conversations with ET' and 'I Really Want to Love this World'. 'Madhouse' will be released today!! You can buy the album on...
  3. Suzy

    Appreciation How do you watch these videos and NOT stan?

    This talent gives me goosebumps You have to watch that first video to the end... Seriously, he's just amazing. :pandaamazed: I'm going to leave it there so I can make more threads later...
  4. Suzy

    Cover Who covered it better?

    I'm super into C-Pop these days (thanks Hua Chenyu) so most of my posts will be C-Pop related. Since most people here don't care about C-Pop I'm not expecting there to be much activity in these threads but if you do click on my threads, please give my recommendations a try. This thread is a...
  5. Suzy

    Audio Song of the Day - #1

    Not that anyone actually cares, but I'm going to post my favorite songs of the day every day until school starts (3 months later). I listen to songs from all over the world so they won't only be in one language but I'll make sure to post them in the correct sections. Is this considered spamming...
  6. Suzy


    Basic Information Hua Chenyu, also known as Hua Hua, is a Chinese singer and songwriter. Hua Chenyu is widely known for his powerful vocal abilities, dramatic stage performances and talents in composing and arranging. He rose to fame after winning the 2013 Super Boy singing contest produced by...