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idol room

  1. maruberry

    Doni and Coni don't deserve all the hate they get

    Doni and Coni get a lot of hate from western stans. They don't deserve it, this is just Western stans not getting how variety shows work. They "bully" idols on their shows? yeah... they make sure the members all have screentime, including the ones who are shit at variety aka boring af and with...
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation NCT Dream will be on Idol Room and... The preview looks amazing!

    It looks like that show will be some A-grade Dreamies! Renjun claiming his Korean isn't good (Yeah,right), The dreamies beating eachother up, hating eachother and of course... Jeno is ABSOLUTELY No fun!
  3. RandAlThor

    TV IZ*ONE IDOL room is out :) !!!

    Wooot!!! Google drive DM --- dm seems to bee higher quality.
  4. maruberry

    Next episode of Idol room will be amazing! [GWSN, Cherry Bullet, Pantagon, NCT, (G)I-dle, JBJ95 and Samuel]

    It will be the foreign idol special and so many of my faves are going! Renjun and Chenle (NCT) Samuel Yanan and Yuto (Pentagon) Minnie, Yuqi and Shuhua ((G)I-dle) Soso (GWSN) Kenta (JBJ95) Kokoro and Linlin (Cherry bullet) Looking at this list I am shook, because I feel like Renjun and Chenle...
  5. AmysTeri

    IZ*ONE Lee Chaeyeon dancing on IDOL ROOM

    I love her laugh when they start her off with DALLA DALLA :llama_squish:
  6. WhiteWadeWilson


    The show that we have been waiting for is here full with engsubs!!!enjoy the craziness!!!