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  1. Jewel

    Performance iKON, RHYTHM TA [THE SHOW 230321]

    Bobby's got a lot going on right now. And he's killin' it! @Ikonic
  2. Jewel

    Rumor iKon's Bobby neglected?

  3. litc

    Information iKon Bobby in Festival in Manila

  4. the101

    Trading The101's Trading Truck Stop 🛻 - updated 3/17

    Common: Apink Chorong Loona YYXY Chuu Kingdom Dann Miss A - Min Treasure Haruto weki meki doyeon CLC Sorn DPR IAN 3 IKON BOBBY Kihyun 3 Huta 5 G Dragon 4 NEW! kingdom Arthur NEW! Wanna One Sungwoo Rare: ACE Chan Loona - Heejin -7 Nu'est - JR 2 Treasure Jihoon 2 Treasure Hyunsuk - 1...
  5. Abeamus

    News iKON to comeback in April after signing with 143 Entertainment

    143 Entertainment has Kep1er Yeseo and Mashiro if you have no idea about them
  6. Abeamus

    Appreciation iKON DK Birthday

  7. litc

    Teaser B.I Love or Loved Part 1. Concept Poster

  8. litc

    MV iKon Dive Japanese Ver. MV

  9. litc

    MV iKon Why Why Why Japanese Ver. MV

  10. litc

    New Episodes of Bobby's Mindset Collection out

  11. litc

    Information First 3 Episodes of iKon Bobby Mindset out now!

    I haven't gotten the chance to watch yet, tell me if my bias's episodes are good:sakUwu: @Ikonic
  12. litc

    Reaching the top according to iKon Bobby

  13. Abeamus

    Sales iKON doubles their first week sales with "Flashback"

    According to Hanteo Chart, “FLASHBACK” sold 44,359 copies on May 10 alone, managing to break iKON’s previous first-week sales record of 35,453 (set by their 2018 mini album “New Kids: Continue“) within just its first day of sales. On May 17, Hanteo Chart went on to report that in the first week...
  14. litc

    Video iKon But You M/V Reaction

  15. Faelix

    Appreciation Cutest friendship

    Juyeon (TBZ), Taeyang (SF9) and Donghyuk (IKON) playing Minecraft together is probably the cutest friendship between idols that I discovered! I hope they invite more friends to their server and throw a big party lol