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  1. Abeamus

    Sales iKON doubles their first week sales with "Flashback"

    According to Hanteo Chart, “FLASHBACK” sold 44,359 copies on May 10 alone, managing to break iKON’s previous first-week sales record of 35,453 (set by their 2018 mini album “New Kids: Continue“) within just its first day of sales. On May 17, Hanteo Chart went on to report that in the first week...
  2. litc

    Video iKon But You M/V Reaction

  3. jjyunyu

    Appreciation Cutest friendship

    Juyeon (TBZ), Taeyang (SF9) and Donghyuk (IKON) playing Minecraft together is probably the cutest friendship between idols that I discovered! I hope they invite more friends to their server and throw a big party lol
  4. litc

    Appreciation Love Me: Song I Absolutely Love

    I absolutely love this song!:queen: Studio version: (in case you can't see it in your country you can just watch the live) Here's the live performance: song starts at 1:30 And here's the goofy music video (credit to a friend from another forum for the idea): iKon didn't disappoint...
  5. litc

    Appreciation Bunny biases?

    Do you have any bunny biases? I have four. My Exo bias, Suho: My iKon bias Bobby: My BTS bias Jungkook: My Loona bias Heejin: So I guess bunnies are buff lol:pandatea:
  6. bunnyviolet


  7. litc

    Found I finished my first set (iKon)

    :excitedmarch::excitedmarch::excitedmarch::pandahappy: It's ikon! I love their music and they're one of my favorite groups, I'm so happy:maheart: Thanks to @Yachii for Jay, Song, and Ju-ne @Abeamus for Bobby @badcrookshanks for B.I @Areum101 for DK and @Yili for Chan...
  8. litc

    Appreciation What is a music video that sums up why your bias is your bias?

    It could be anything in the music video. Maybe they really got to show off their vocal or rapping skills there. Maybe they acted great or had a dance break they killed. Maybe they just looked super cute. :taesquish: For my iKon bias, Bobby, this music video would be My Type.:pandahappy: Here...
  9. Abeamus

    Teaser B.I - What Is Your Cosmos?

  10. Abeamus

    News B.I receives a 3 year suspended sentence

    On September 10, B.I attended the sentencing trial regarding violation of the Act on the Control of Narcotics, Etc. that was held at Seoul Central District Court. B.I was indicted in May of this year for suspicions of purchasing marijuana and LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) in 2016 and using...
  11. Abeamus

    News B.Is agency responds to indictment

    Hello, this is IOK Company. We are making a statement regarding our artist B.I’s indictment. The charge on which our artist has been indicted is the allegation from 2019 that he purchased narcotics. In 2020, in accordance with the law, B.I underwent rigorous investigation and drug tests a...
  12. Abeamus

    News Yang Hyun Suk and B.I both indicted

    On June 7, it was revealed that the violent crimes department of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office indicted B.I on the charge of violating the Act on the Control of Narcotics, Etc. on May 28. On the same day, Yang Hyun Suk was indicted for threatening retaliation. Both were indicted...
  13. Abeamus

    News B.I announces fandom name

  14. Abeamus

    Teaser B.I - Midnight Blue

  15. LoveYooShaSha


    [KCON:TACT 3] CHECK OUT 1ST LINE UP 😍 #ENHYPEN #엔하이픈 #iKON #아이콘 #THEBOYZ #더보이즈 #ITZY #있지 #WOODZ #우즈 #조승연 #HASUNGWOON #하성운 #OHMYGIRL #오마이걸 #EVERGLOW #에버글로우 Im curious if this means ITXY, OH MY GIRL and EVERGLOW are having their comeback between now and March 20th, cos they were in KCON 2020 and...
  16. Darkseid

    News iKON comeback scheduled for March!

    Outta nowhere, after over a year long hiatus, iKON cb is round the corner :nakypog: Getting back the 2018 hype will be tough, but with Bobby's album and now this, atleast they are trying. Interesting timing too, with Kingdom scheduled for April. Hopefully the show puts more attention on this cb...
  17. Darkseid

    Teaser Mnet "Kingdom" Teaser- to premiere in April

    I had absolutely zero motivation to watch Road to Kingdom but I'll probably watch this one coz I love the lineup. So star studded. Who are you rooting for? I'm probably pulling for iKON, they really need a win and could use this as their renaissance project but I wouldn't mind Ateez either...
  18. Darkseid

    Teaser iKON Bobby- U Mad (Title track poster)- January 25th

    Pls support ma boi Bobby for his 2nd solo album :sanapray: @Ikonic
  19. Darkseid

    Teaser Bobby 2nd full album release poster

    We finally have a release date and it's a lot sooner than I expected but I'll take it :sj_weary: They better promote him well :chickill: Anticipate :sanapray: @Ikonic
  20. Darkseid

    Songs that deserved better aka flops that were actually bops

    What the title says. Post a song/some songs that got nowhere near the love it deserved- actual bops that didn't get any attention or underperformed. I'll start: Lots of people dismiss this wacky masterpiece that is actually peak Kpop as something too "cute" or terrible and they need to wake...