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  1. litc

    New Episodes of Bobby's Mindset Collection out

  2. litc

    Reaching the top according to iKon Bobby

  3. litc

    Video iKon But You M/V Reaction

  4. litc

    Appreciation Love Me: Song I Absolutely Love

    I absolutely love this song!:queen: Studio version: (in case you can't see it in your country you can just watch the live) Here's the live performance: song starts at 1:30 And here's the goofy music video (credit to a friend from another forum for the idea): iKon didn't disappoint...
  5. litc

    Appreciation What is a music video that sums up why your bias is your bias?

    It could be anything in the music video. Maybe they really got to show off their vocal or rapping skills there. Maybe they acted great or had a dance break they killed. Maybe they just looked super cute. :taesquish: For my iKon bias, Bobby, this music video would be My Type.:pandahappy: Here...
  6. QueenGirlCrush

    RAT YG IS SHIPPING IKON OFF TO JAPAN AGAIN! This is so unfair and cruel. IKON has been needlessly touring non stop since their sophomore year. Some of the concerts are 2-4 days back to back. What of their health? Not to mention their supposed group, solo and sub unit comebacks for May and the...
  7. QueenGirlCrush

    Performance IKON AT !!SXSW!!