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    Appreciation Obscure Music Genres - #3 - Intelligent Dance Music/Glitch.

    Intelligent Dance Music is a genre of electronic music that in the UK & Japan in the early 1990s. It is a form of electronic music that is more for cognitive listening than other recreational purposes like dancing. It emerges from styles like techno, breakbeat, & ambient & focuses on...
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    Appreciation Obscure Music Genres - #2 - Dark Wave/Witch Pop/Witch House.

    Dark wave is a genre that arose from the new wave & post-punk genres in the late 1970s. The tendency of music of the genre to stay in the minor key is maximum. It takes up a style that gives the listener brooding, introspective, gloomy, & melancholy vibes. It is characterised by instruments like...
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    Appreciation Obscure Music Genres - #1 - Dream Pop.

    Dream pop is a subgenre of the alternative & psychedelic music genres that arose in the 1980s in the United Kingdom. It is a music genre that relates to complete engrossment in the music owing to its dreamy & wispy characteristics. Generally, dream pop is characterised by vocals with high...
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    18+ Distraught.........

    All my raspberry & white chocolate biscuits were reduced to crumbs.:pepecry1: All because of my inability to carry them properly. :pepecry2: I can still see the tray of mess in front of me & it clutches at my heart so badly. Now, my kitty is sniffing them. ......and she left. And now I have to...
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    I realised they do not allow you to upload from "Gallery" in DMs. @Drug
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    Why Do We Even Need Discord Status Options....

    When everyone is "Offline" but not actually offline? Why?
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    Ocelotte's Face Reveal.

    @igloo @Skinnny There you go Lel.
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    How Hot Do You Like Your Water....

    When you're showering? I like my water scalding hot as it's always cold here, and the water becomes mist & creates a tinted glass effect. Plus, I feel like it evaporates off my skin faster Lel & that reduces the effort needed in drying.
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    I Got A Discord.

    Finally. Feel free to add me. Mine's Australopithecus#2793. @igloo I'm making this public now Lel.
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    What If All Of KPS Was Stuck In One Room?

    What would you do? Please don't go into the specifics like death by starvation. Presume that you're immortal. Like the AKP one created by @lexusuwu. :llama_ramen:
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    What Is A "Troll" To You?

    I mean, I always thought it was an individual fitting a very defined stereotype & not unveiling their real self with no personality, trying to offend the masses to garner attention. I want to see people's differing views on the subject since @Lowkey considered me a troll in the beginning while...
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    Are You An Elitist?

    Frankly speaking, yes, I kind of am. But that can be attributed to how I was raised, with claims of a"higher bloodline" & similar nonsense but the same arrogance, that I know is wrong on my part, has remained there. Yes, my parents are jerks to claim themselves as people "more cultured" than...
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    Is It Rude To Leave People On "Read"?

    I just don't have anything else to say.
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    Who Would You Save From Drowning?

    Put forth three users who would serve as victims of the water & pick another user as the saviour who would save one of the former three from drowning. I'm bored & need stimulation, so let's play? I'll begin. @igloo @IQYZS @Skinnny @me :llama_squish:
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    Stan Abe Jenkins.

    A.K.A., @Chahee getting creative on YT. :llama_ramen: I'm beyond proud to be pals with such an ascended being.
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    What Adjectives Fit Your Music Taste The Best?

    I would say my music taste leans towards dark, ambient, sophisticated, classical, twinkling, & transcendental. Like this... Describe your taste?
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    :killme: :killme:

    R.I.P., you wonderful emote.
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    A Crunchy Princess With Steel-Bending Strength?

    Oxymoron level 3×10^8. Stan Princess Go Won.
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    Which Accent Of English Do You Like The Best?

    Welsh. Et's prehtteh darn funneh.
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    [5K Likes Special] Comment For Appreciation.

    Like my AKP one, yes. I've been feeling exalted for sometime now & this feeling needs to be shared with someone, or else I'll explode from this insurgence of endorphins.