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    Is There Any User With Whom You've Had A Hate-To-Love Relationship?

    Doesn't matter. Could be a KPS or an AKP user. @Lovely_Cornchips Lel. :llama_ramen: I found some of her statements on LOONA a bit questionable & went all out Lel. We had this pointless huge-a** argument & after a few months, slowly warmed up to each other & here we are. We've had our ups &...
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    Ask Death Anything.

    No, I don't use a Death Note to ensure divine tranquility of my patrons. Your blood is my @Drug so ask me anything, except for too personal questions. Mort is bored. You may now amuse the Mort.
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    Essential ViVi Memes.

    And of course, the legendary...... Stan meme Queen ViVian.
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    A Didactic Cinquain For You.

    Death - A Didactic Cinquain by Skinny Mortie Death Fulfilling, Painless Awaken, Zen, Third Eye Absolutely the best Mort
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    Appreciation :Kyungsoouwu:

    :maheart::maheart::maheart::maheart::maheart::maheart::maheart::maheart::maheart::maheart::maheart::maheart: This new feature is evangelical.
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    We Have A New Administrator?

    @Behemoth @Chahee Is tagging administrators a sin here? :llama_ramen:
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    The Best Kind Of Introduction?

  8. la_mort_pour_vous

    Comment & I'll Try To Guess Which Country You Live In.

    Bored. :llama_ramen:
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    Reveal The First Three Letters Of Your Real Name.

    I did this on the-Forum-that-must-not-be-named & it became a good conversation starter. I actually made a few friends from it, so I thought, why not try it here? For me, the letters are "T-I-R". R.I.P. Y'all will never be able to guess my real name. I guarantee.
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    What Is This?

    I come to KPS & I see these blue stripes everywhere. Some sort of glitch maybe? But then I look at the date, & it's Christmas Season. Everyone's D.P.s are covered with snow. UwU. So cute. Good job. @Taeyeon @notthatmarko @igloo won't melt now. He's in his natural habitat. So the question is...
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    [Brutally Honest] First Impression Of You.

    Don't kill me. Please. :llama_ramen:
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    Kiss, Marry, Kill - KPS Edition.

    We had this game on AKP & I remember it getting to 18 pages in a matter of hours Lel. Since the idol version has been done to death, let's do a user version like the AKP one. Choose a user & put forth three other users whom the original user can kiss, marry, or kill. Since it will be too easy...
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    Revealing My Actual Age....

    I apologise that I kept this from y'all for so long, but I'm 13. Yup. Born on 25th December, 2004. I have my reasons (*cough* AKP isn't safe *cough*) & only three users were aware of it. So please forgive me. TT I hope your view of me doesn't change after this. Have a nice day!
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    I've Reached A Point In My Life....

    Where everything feels like an emergency. :llama_sniffle:
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    18+ "The Kyungsoo Effect".

    The very reliable Urban Dictionary defines it as: "The effect that occur when kpop group EXO member Do Kyungsoo inhale oxygen and brings all fanboys and fangirls to the yard. His overloaded cuteness and orgasmic voice cause many fangirls' vagina weep and cause occasional boners to fanboys...
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    @Tech Team.

    Can you add these emotes too? https://www.allkpop.com/forum/attachments/screenshot_102-png.125326/ These were created by our very beloved "Eziio" from AKP & we used these emotes in our DM on AKP. All credits go to him. Speaking of Eziio, I need to ask him to join KPS. Also, ":BREAD:", this...
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    Are You Impulsive Or Restrained?

    Do you act fast without planning or without thinking of the consequences? Do you live in the moment? Or are you a planned person who keeps their emotions at bay, choosing to respond with a well-formulated & thought-out reply? Do you always think of the future? The latter for me, definitely...