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  1. Yuzuru

    Chart BTS, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, NCT 127, NewJeans, ENHYPEN, And ITZY Claim Top Spots On Billboard’s World Albums Chart These groups are killing it!
  2. OnlyCalB

    Video ITZY 🌐IT'z TOUR BOOK🌐 EP 5

  3. OnlyCalB

    Video [ITZY?ITZY!] EP119

  4. OnlyCalB

    Video ITZY 🌐IT'z TOUR BOOK🌐 EP 4

  5. OnlyCalB

    Video [ITZY?ITZY!] EP118

  6. chiefchilly1

    So you thought you had a bias in ITZY? Think again

    Because its actually black haired Chaeryeong
  7. OnlyCalB

    Video ITZY 🌐IT'z TOUR BOOK🌐 EP 3

  8. Skorge

    Video ITZY Yuna - Something beautiful to start your day

    This lovely young lady speaks for herself. :pandalove: @Midzy
  9. Skorge

    Appreciation ITZY Yuna - @ Fan Signing - December 17, 2022

  10. OnlyCalB

    Video [ITZY?ITZY!] EP117

  11. dummi

    Ryujin picks Lia to be her owner

    .....if she got reincarnated into a cat :haylul: So how's my clickbait game?? btw hi midzy :face:
  12. OnlyCalB

    Video ITZY 🌐IT'z TOUR BOOK🌐 EP 2

  13. OnlyCalB

    Video ITZY|Idol League pre-release

  14. seoriverse

    Appreciation one day of 2023, one pretty k-pop girl [Jan 04]

    now that my k-chill draft is cleared up :queen: i can finally start this for each day of 2023, i am going to post one k-pop girl i think is really pretty this series is meant to highlight the beauty of women in k-pop and spread some positivity :) day 4 (bc i missed all the other one 😒) is yuna...
  15. chiefchilly1

    “But do I look like your mommy?”

    And every MIDZY screamed: Yeah! Added to the long list of iconic Ryujin lines.