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  1. K

    cute nature coloured jennie

    this style fits her so well and she is just so adorable with her dumpling cheeks !
  2. K

    boujee holiday jennie

    how does she make every picture of hers look so boujee and cute ?? talent.. merry Christmas jennie !
  3. K

    holiday jennie in black leather !!

    wow !! :pandalove: :pandalove:
  4. K

    sassy looking jennie

    god, such an iconic diva ! :pandalove:
  5. K

    Appreciation jennierubyjane having superior fashion sense- a series

    listen, we all know that jennie gets praised to the heavens when it comes to her fashion, and there's a reason why !! have you seen her ? not only does she radiate confidence and swag in everything she wears, but she makes it unique and better then before ! I adore the way she crosses over...
  6. bunnyviolet

    An adorable picture of Winner's Mino and Blackpink's Jennie

    That's it. That's the thread lol. Jennie posted this to her insta story a couple of hours ago. :lovelycooky:
  7. Reverie

    Bias challenge: Baekhyun & Jennie Cute’n’hot

    Byun Baekhyun- :idkwhattonamethis: :hayshook::yugyeomsmile: i-Miss that’s illegal :pandacop::pandacop: Okay now some coot images to make you gush :pikahappy: ahh the duality:maheart: His smile cures me Nini is so adorable :lovelycooky: I love you smc cutie 🥰 🤟
  8. SeulPika

    Photo Simping some more for Jennie

    JUST LOOK AT HER!!! :sj_weary: I won't ever stop simping for Jennie Kim!!!!!!!! :jenniesmug: @Blink @Girl Group
  9. Reverie

    Photo Jennie is wrecking me so bad😩

  10. LoveYooShaSha


  11. LoveYooShaSha

    Teaser BLACKPINK「THE ALBUM -JP Ver.-」 Concept Photo Teaser

    BLACKPINK「THE ALBUM -JP Ver.-」 Concept Photo Teaser @Blink
  12. Abeamus

    Trading Cosmic Girls Seola & Mei Qi, Jennie 4, Treasure Junkyu and X1 Hangyul

    Mainly looking for Ailee 1 and 3
  13. LoveYooShaSha

    Movie BlackPink The Movie updated Main Poster (with exact date) 2021.08.04

    BlackPink The Movie updated Main Poster (with exact date) 2021.08.04
  14. SeulPika

    Photo Simping for Jennie Kim

    MISS JENNIE KIM! I am late to posting this It took me a while to recover from the blood loss of my nosebleed.But Miss Jennie Kim, we need a few words..... Because what is this?! And why are you trying to murder Blinks?! :lisalaugh: @Blink @Girl Group
  15. LoveYooShaSha

    BLACKPINK Jennie - My Choice Interview @ Harper's BAZAAR Korea (210403) [ENG SUB]

    BLACKPINK Jennie - My Choice Interview @ Harper's BAZAAR Korea (210403) [ENG SUB] • [제작비지원][ENG SUB] 제니가 직접 초이스한 모든 것! @Blink
  16. karinaknows

    I have a question about vocals.

    I have a question about vocals for anyone that is educated in it. What do you call it when idols change the pitch (?) of their voice at the end of a lyric? Like the technical term for it. Eg: - Winter when she says monochrome to colours in Black Mamba. at 1:23 - Jennie when she says test...
  17. Mayday

    Rumor [NAVER] Dispatch reports Jennie and G-Dragon are allegedly dating

    Post taken from KProfiles According to Dispatch, Jennie and G-Dragon have reportedly been dating for the past year. Their relationship is known by YGE, and the staff have helped the couple keep their relationship secret. It has also been said that most of their dates take place at G-Dragon's...
  18. LoveYooShaSha

    Appreciation 'THE SHOW' vlog - Jennie BP's new video uploaded

    'THE SHOW' vlog - Jennie BP's new video uploaded @Blink
  19. Darkseid

    Appreciation JENNIE IS SO F*CKING HOT!!

    Jesus Christ, her Instagram is the gift that keeps on giving :nekosweat::sj_weary: Jennie in red is lethal, and esp this dress good lord :pepecross: I was born to worship this woman :sj_weary: @Blink