1. OnlyCalB

    Performance BLACKPINK 'How You Like That' Comback Stage @ Inkigayo 20.06.28

    [email protected] SBS Inkigayo 20.06.28 'How You Like That' Group Fancam Individual Fancams, Full Individual FaceCams
  2. dooh


    just spread it !!
  3. gayzone

    Discussion if blackpink members were men

  4. xdreamsandflames

    Audio LEE HI - Special ft. Jennie Kim

    the song was released in 2013 before blackpink's debut but lee hi just uploaded this audio on her official youtube channel on april 20, 2020 (so 4/20 :jenniesmug: ) her VOCALS and jennie's RAP hdhjsdfhjsf, name a more iconic duo i'll wait such queens omg (i can't believe youtube didn't...
  5. dooh

    Appreciation Jennie IG unboxing BP & Teddy & GD

    Jennie's live IG unboxing ! Wow this 6 min video felt amazing. It feels like family. BP, Teddy oppa, GD etc.. Somehow i feel happy watching this :nekolove: :nekolove: Love it!
  6. OnCloudJess

    News Interesting...

    nvm. I hate blinks...
  7. OnCloudJess

    Appreciation For OnceBlinks Only

    Girls Supporting Girls :yes:
  8. Darth_Ozy


    Or you know, Jennie solo comeback :wimwim: Or maybe nothing :nayeonisdone: This has been a 10/10 thread brought to you by Ozy thanks :sanapray:
  9. OnCloudJess

    Discussion Can You Tell When This Was?

    And does it still apply today?
  10. NeoSquare

    Discussion Jennie posed for Marie Claire... and it might have added to the long list unfair treatment toward the other girls

    Phew, such a long ass title. Jennie did a photoshoot for Marie Claire. Not surprised as BlackPink's March comeback was pushed back (as always). ModelPink back in the house. I usually don't count photoshoots more or less than other members as unfair treatments as usually the brand chooses...
  11. OnlyCalB

    Discussion Jennie being on the April cover of Marie Claire means...

    Jennie is the first Korean to feature on the cover of the six top fashion magazines in Korea! Marie Claire's April cover featuring Jennie: Source: Here Jennie's cover features for the five other top magazines;
  12. emanresu

    Appreciation Jennie Is So Gosh Darn Pretty

    Jennie Is So Gosh Darn Pretty Oof.
  13. kingtae

    Appreciation Jennie x OLENS ..we have been blessed

    Jennie looking insanely fine :O I mean Xmas is over by now but whatever lol
  14. emanresu

    Appreciation Pretty Jennie

    Pretty Jennie She's so pretty. Oh my gosh.
  15. emanresu

    Appreciation Cute Jennie

    Cute Jennie She's adorable.
  16. OnCloudJess

    Discussion Jennie SOLO Eligible for RIAA Gold

  17. OnCloudJess

    Photo Jennie X Hera Black

  18. Faerie

    Discussion Blackpink in Western Makeup

    Blackpink is know for their diverse style and makeup from other kpop girl groups. Rather then cute they follow a more western route. Rocking the “Girl Crush” concept the girls are not a stranger to a edger style (The makeup Artist did an amazing job :sj_weary:) Here are my edits on western...
  19. Mayday

    GFX BLACKPINK's Anniversary- Jennie

    Feedback is appreciated. I'll be posting these hopefully over the course of the week.
  20. bulletproof

    News Jennie has a photography instagram

    It seems she had it since May, but she only made it public now :sanapray: