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jessica jung

  1. VillageIdiot

    Appreciation Me Hiding from My Problems

  2. Kamistar

    Appreciation Pick your favorite Jessica stage outfit from this year

    This year Jessica showed that not only her stage presence is still on top but also her fashion taste. What's your favorite outfit from the ones listed here? :pepeheart: Mine is the Lonely Warrior one, so beautiful
  3. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Looks like Jessica is really working on her mandarin

    great look too.
  4. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Jessica Our sleeping princess is back

  5. Yerichu

    JESSICA performs on "Sisters who Make Waves"

  6. Kamistar

    Appreciation Jessica Jung healed from microphone allergy

    SHE'S HEALED She's holding it and she doesn't seem to be suffering finally :bigcatclap: And I'M SO HAPPY that she's back to stage :pepecry2: it doesn't matter if she's singing in English, Korean or Chinese, she always sounds like an angel Oh and I'm giving free tissues to haters that said...
  7. Kamistar

    Rumor More information about Jessica's appearence on the reality Sisters Who Make Waves

    I don't know if I should post here or on the China section but anyway :oliviakek: ^ Post with the songs she will perform (probably) And here a possible schedule cr 220cmjessica
  8. LoveYooShaSha

    Appreciation Jessica Jung l VLOG l Trip to Busan

    Jessica Jung • VLOG l Trip to Busan AKA JessicaLand or is it still tat?
  9. LoveYooShaSha

    Cover Jessica covers 'Almost' on JessicaLand YouTube Channel

    Jessica covers 'Almost' on her JessicaLand YouTube channel. I love her covering this song.
  10. VillageIdiot

    Appreciation JESSICA JJANG

  11. Darkseid

    Jessica Jung- Shine | A live commentary, analysis and review

    Spoiler warning obviously. It finally arrived. Let’s get this started lol. Welcoming spoiler filled posts from anyone who’s read the whole thing, I don’t really mind, just use spoiler tags in case someone else reads them lol. @DarlingBlue @RandAlThor @VergereSone
  12. LoveYooShaSha

    News Jessica Jung's "Shine" the YA/teen kpop book exists, (June2020 Pre-release copy)

    "Shine" the YA/teen fiction book by Jessica Jung about a kpop girl group of 9 members including Rachel Kim, a Korean-American teen(its totally not abt Girls Generation) has revealed itself tat it exists, thru the posts by ElectricMonkeyBooks, which i guess is the UK publisher. The ARC (advanced...
  13. VillageIdiot

    News Minzy Files Lawsuit Against Music Works

    Source Former 2NE1 member Minzy reportedly filed a lawsuit against her company Music Works, seeking termination of her contract and over $40,000 in damages. Later that same day, another media outlet asked Music Works for a response. A source from the agency stated, “We are currently checking...
  14. RandAlThor

    Movie Jessica Jung not playing in her quest for media domination.

    She wrote books..... Jessica the one Seohyun said never read.... and a movie seriously. Way to go!!
  15. arieam

    golden stars...

    do you think jessica is in a toxic relationship? so i had the most annoying experience on twitter today because i decided to defend her boyfriend a little. i dislike tyler kwon a lot. i find it uncomfortable that the man seems to have jessica's career in his hands while they're dating. and i...
  16. Haolat

    Jessica Jung faces lawsuit worth over $1.7M In contract fees with Chinese management agencies

    Jessica Jung, formerly of Girls’ Generation and now a soloist and fashion designer, was ordered to pay over ₩2 billion KRW ($1,655,210 USD) to her former Chinese entertainment agencies. Jessica Jung lost both her first and second trials against the Beijing Arbitration Commission. These trials...
  17. Loki

    Appreciation This is ICONIC

    :pikahappy: everything about this is perfect ~it is so fun it looks like a musical I ALSO LOVE THIS SONG. Jessica looks like a fairy (also she really fits the Barbie concept because she is flawless :pepeheart:) with the voice of a mermaid or angel IDK HER VOICE IS PERFECT ~always one of my fav...
  18. VillageIdiot

    Photo Queen of Crazy Rich Asians

  19. arieam

    Appreciation how to be a rich and successful b*tch ft. Jessica Jung

    step 1. get paid by hotels in new york to stay in one of their luxury suites and eat all of their desserts step 2. get paid by hotels in paris two seconds later to stay in one of their luxury suites with a giant ass pearl necklace on step 3. make a pitstop in barcelona bc why not step...